Top 10 free SEO reports generating websites

Top 10 free SEO reports generating websites

SEO or search engine optimization is extremely crucial for any business. If you hire a professional SEO expert, he will charge a lot of money to give your desired result. So if you want to learn how you can manage your SEO on your own, you must check these reports. Various bloggers are there who don’t even know about the significant advantages of the Free SEO report generated tools. It can genuinely provide upper hand in SEO without investing a lot of money.

The benefits of analyzing SEO report

Analysing the SEO report is extremely important. You can easily understand what is going to be beneficial for your business. Sometimes people follow Google’s guidelines, but still, their website doesn’t perform well. You can quickly find out the primary reasons behind this with the help of these reports. Along with that, it’ll also tell you what type of marketing plan you need to revitalise your business. The daily report is going to tell you if your website is performing or not and where you need to concentrate more. It will also make you understand about ROI.

How can SEO report help your business?

SEO report generated tools have various benefits. Today we are going to tell you four most predominant advantages of analysing SEO report which you cannot ignore.

The speed of your site

The speed of your site is crucial. It shouldn’t test the patience of the visitors. A report says if a website takes more than 1.4 seconds to load it loses a significant number of visitors at a time. So you can post various attractive videos, images or GIFs to impress your customers. But if your site starts testing visitor’s patience everything will go in vain. The speed of the site is vital for all devices such as mobile, laptop, tablet, etc. Now, the question is how you can check the pace of your website?

Various excellent free tools are available through which you can check the loading speed of your site effortlessly. If you are the owner of a beautiful WordPress site, you can test the library. On the other hand, if you want to check the loading time of the pages of your site you can try Google Page Speed. These are the most common tools through which you can test the speed of your site. Apart from that, you can go for some ubiquitous tools like GTmetrix, Pingdom Speed Test, etc. These potent tools allow servers across the world to test their speed.

Checking website indexing

This one is another excellent part of free website SEO report generating tools. The website owners need to check the indexing of the page twice a week. Monitoring the performance of your site is essential. According to the indexing of your site, Google bots crawl pages. Google bots find you depending on the structure of your site. And if your site comes with backend errors Google bots will never notice you because it blocks the path of the Google bots. As a result, you’ll not be appearing in the SERPs. The best way to dissolve these problems is using Google Webmaster tools. With the help of these tools, you can improve the appearance of your site. In short, you’ll get a better-optimised website.

How to check 404?

404 is something which the visitors hate the most. It comes when people try to update your website or if they try to make any modifications to the architecture. Various tools are available through which you can monitor 404s on your site. For example, ScreamingFrog is an excellent tool which can detect any URL that has 404 errors. This process is going to hamper the speed of your site. You can just exchange your URL, or you can even change the link to get rid of this problem.

404s are usually generated by dead URLs. WordPress plugins are unsuppressed and ideal for these situations. Apart from WordPress, Google Webmaster Tool is useful in detecting dead URLs which is the main reason of 404s.

Fix the SEO of your site with algorithm

To improve your Google ranking or to fix the SEO of your website you need to align algorithms. Sometimes bloggers do not prefer to do it. But if you see the analytics data of your site you can easily understand how algorithm effects on your site’s performance.
If you see the traffic on your site is decreasing day by day, try to analyse which pages are responsible for it. Next, try to do minor changes to those particular pages. For example change the title tags, URLs or canonical tags, and within just a few days you’ll see the improvement of your site.
If you can correctly analyse and decode the algorithm alignment report, you can easily track the performance of your site. Always remember Google notices every small change on its algorithm. So try to implement all the necessary patches on it. WordPress plugins are the best way to stay updated and to analyse the performance of your site.
Now, let’s check out the top 10 free website SEO report generating tools list.

List of SEO Websites:

1. Meramaal

This one is one of the best free websites where you’ll get various useful SEO tools which can efficiently detect the performance of your site.

2. WooRank

This fantastic website was launched in 2011, and now it has become one of the most prominent sites which can generate excellent SEO reports.

3. iwebchk

iwebchk is incomparable in providing excellent website analysis, error reports, and multiple alerts.

4. ahref

This one is an excellent SEO reporting tool. It comes for free, but this one is mostly for business clients. They can purchase it at $500 per month.

5. BrightLocal

You can grow your client base with this excellent site. It is brilliant in providing the professional white level SEO report.

6. Seo Metrics

This one is the most comprehensive local SEO tool. You’ll get brilliant on page reporting for your website.

7. TrafficTravis

Traffic Travis is the best tool which can fulfil all your SEO needs. You can check out your rivals and various other important SEO factors for free.

8. AxandraSEOTools

Axandra provides the variety of SEO tools through which you can check the keyword density, broken links and a lot more.

9. BuiltWith

With the help of this brilliant site, you can do lead generation, market analysis, hosting and a lot more.

10. Alexa

If you want to check the full competitive analysis of your website you should try this excellent tool, Alexa. You can even track the competitor’s keywords with the help of this excellent tool.

In this article, we tried to provide all information regarding SEO report. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for staying with us.