Top 5 free SEO tools that can improve your site’s ranking

Top Free SEO tools

If you want to work smarter and not harder, then utilize Meramaal’s top SEO tools which are available for free. SEO or search engine optimization has become an indisputable part of online business. So nowadays people do not ask Why SEO is needed? They all know that SEO not only helps companies to get good rank of major search engines but also attract more traffic to a site. Now the question is how you can improve the ranking of your website? Will you invest a lot of money like others? Although, this investment cannot guarantee you that you’ll be on the top. On the other hand, Meramaal’s SEO tools can be accessed for free. These are the most convenient SEO tools as it will not only help you to improve your search engine ranking but also provides a range of other impressive services. Meramaal is an ocean of the best SEO tools. Today we are going to discuss here top 5 SEO tools of Meramaal that can take your business to the next level.

Page Speed Checker

Sometimes people get confused about the page speed and the site speed. Both are different things. Page speed is also known as page loading time. It indicates the time taken by the page to show its full content or the time taken by a web browser to receive its first byte of information is also known as page loading time.
Research says that 40% of people usually leave that pages which takes more than 2 seconds to load. So Page loading is speed is exceptionally crucial for any site. You can now check your Page loading time with the help of Meramaal’s one of the best SEO tools, Page Speed Checker. You just need to enter the URL and then press the submit button. Within just a few minute you’ll get all the necessary information regarding the page loading speed. That is why it is loved by the webmasters. It also comes for free so try it now.

Keywords Suggestion Tool

Keywords are an essential part of SEO. It is also a significant factor for the reputation of your site. So if you are looking for the best keywords to enhance your search engine ranking, then utilize this SEO tool from Meramaal, Keywords Suggestion. If you enter a primary keyword, you’ll get the top 10 keywords related to it. At first, you’ll get a text field. There you need to enter your desired keyword and click on the submit button. Within just a few minutes this brilliant search engine optimization tool will propose top 10 keywords. For example, if you enter “WordPress”, you can get suggestions like “WordPress Theme”, “WordPress Plugins” and so on.
If you incorporate this keyword into other articles and blogs, it will undoubtedly improve your search engine ranking as well as domain authority. This one is the most convenient tool comes with the simple function. So anyone can use this small SEO tool effortlessly. You can also utilize the benefits of this tool for free.

Broken Links Finder

The Broken links are also known as the dead links because they are no longer working. Broken links occur for various reasons.
• For a particular link if you enter an incorrect URL. If the destination website has been removed permanently.
• The website is blocked by the firewall or just for using one software.
• If you remove the link web pages from the site.
If a visitor clicks on a link and if that link fails to take that user to that particular site, it is known as broken links. Broken links are quite challenging for webmasters as well as customers. If your site is not updated for a long time then also it can happen. Dead links can hamper your reputation as well as productivity. So, try Meramaal’s one of the best SEO tools, Broken Links Finder. You just have to enter the URL and hit the submit button. You’ll get to know the result in only a few minutes.

Domain Authority Checker

The domain authority is vital for any site. It can be counted from 0 to 100. The higher the point, the higher will be your domain authority. Domain authority or DA plays a significant role in improving your search engine ranking as well as getting more traffic and productivity. Domain authority depends on these factors.
• The age of the site or when you listed the domain.
• You should remove the spammed backlinks otherwise the DA will always be lower.
• The design of your site, if it is compatible with all devices or not.
• The quality of your website content also matters. It should be error-free as well as plagiarism free.
• If your website is being shared on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.
Meramaal one of the best SEO tools, bulk domain authority checker not only gives you the power to check the domain authority but also you can check the page authority as well. Just enter your website address and click on the submit button. You’ll get all the information regarding it for free of cost.

Code to Text Ratio Checker

If you want to know the exact percentage of the text on your site, you should try Meramaal’s search engine optimization tool, Code to Text Ratio Checker. Here the code indicates the HTML code. It is associated with almost all the web pages. Next, the text represents the website content on a particular web page. You need to keep in mind one thing that too much HTML code can amplify the page loading time. It will be irritable for your visitors. So the Code to Text Ratio is exceptionally crucial for your site.
You can check individual pages with the help of Meramaal’s one of the free SEO tools, Code to Text Ratio Checker. It will calculate the exact percentage of the SEO content. The image tags and HTML codes will be invisible as they don’t contribute to SEO.
Apart from these 5, Meramaal has various other impressive SEO tools which are incredibly beneficial for search engine optimization. And the best thing is they are available for free. So without wasting time, try them now.

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