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Olx Classified Business

Several global online marketplaces are taking the internet by storm. During this tech-savvy world, folks select  Buy and sell online. It facilitates searching from numerous sources. The business offers other’s inventory to a user and also promote a group action. Olx, the final example of one such marketplace.

  • They sell and also get everything from everybody. This helps in reducing friction in each mercantilism and also make shopping adequate liquidity on each side of the marketplace.
  • It engenders a broader level of trust and also transparency invigorate involvement.
  • Conjointly helps in making each proactive and reactive mechanism for addressing inevitable problems that return up between marketplace participants.
  • It’s common in the retail business for brand spanking new retail ideas to explode and to generate the approach marketplaces are now.Olx Online Ads

The world’s leading classifieds platform provides native communities a chance possess exposure in high-growth markets.It connects the common man to sell, get or exchange used merchandise. services by creating it quickly and also straightforward for anyone to post a list through their mobile phone or on the net.


Every month, ample folks in native markets around the world use OLX’s online marketplace to search out and sell a broad variety of products, as well as computers, mobiles, furniture, sports goods, property, and plenty of a lot of. It believes in creating the planet a stronger place by bringing people’s life along. Sellers will easily earn additional money by merely mercantilism the items that are of no any use for them. Thus patrons get the chance to find beautiful price items at reasonable worth deals.

Evolution of OlxOlx Marketplace

  • The company was founded by Fabrice Grinda and Alec Oxenford in 2006. It opened its workplace in India in 2008. It had been aforementioned that its market share in India as in 2013 was 60, and then mobile usage was 80%. OLX Hyderabad was first in most users used followed by OLX  Bangalore. After that, it was mostly used in OLX Mumbai and also OLX Delhi.
  • In the year 2009, Brazil had its new office. Further, in 2010, Naspers acquired 95% of the company. Naspers acquired firms like Dealfish, Sulit, Allegro, Tokobagus, etc.
  • It was in 2012, it became the most prominent classified site in India, moving on to amass the developed world of Brazil in 2013. In 2014, 9 of such Naspers company started rebranding to Olx.
  • In 2015-2016, it began partnerships with Schibsted and continued growing in Romania, Philippines, Kenya, Bulgaria, etc. 3 million sellers and patrons were found using it in Nigeria in 2015.

So Far, So Good

During FY16, its operations in India reported a three-fold jump in net profit at Rs. 6.1 crores. Its closest market competitors are Quikr, Sulekha, and Click India.

Profits during FY17

The net profit in India operations has been declared as Rs 8 crores in FY17. The increased revenue earned includes earning from subscriptions and also advertising. The company’s revenue from the sale of services stood at Rs 16.2 crores in FY17 against Rs 68 lakhs within the previous year. The company valued at $1.5 billion and has raised $364 million from investors this point growing in plenty of bounds.

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