Airbnb – An Online Portal for Booking Amazing Experiences

Airbnb – An Online Portal for Booking

Airbnb is an online portal to rent houses, book experiences, and reserve hotels and restaurants. The world has grown fast with technology; no one wants to travel for booking. By Airbnb, you can book the best of things right from your mobile device.

Airbnb does not own the hotels or places. It just acts as a booking portal between the hosts and the customers. Also provided Airbnb coupon that can be used while checkout. The customers can also put their apartments for rent.

HistoryAirbnb Launching

  • Airbnb is an American company. Its headquarters are situated at 888 Brannan Street, San Francisco, California.
  • It was launched in August 2008.
  • Its founder members are:
    • Brian Chesky (CEO)
    • Joe Gebbia (CPO)
    • Nathan Blecharczyk (CTO)
  • As per 2018 Airbnb has over 3100 employees and 200000000 plus member all over the world.
  • Airbnb has its business spread over 191 countries.

What can be booked from Airbnb?What can you book at Airbnb?

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Vacation Homes
  • Experiences

Features of Airbnb:

  • Available on all major platforms

Airbnb is available on all kinds of phones or devices connected to the internet. It has personalized apps for Android, iOS, Windows. The website version can also be used for booking.

  • Vast Network

Airbnb is spread over 65000 cities in 191+ countries. There are a very large group of people using this portal, so the chances of reviews and ratings are more. Whenever you travel abroad, there is no need to download a new app.

  • Absolutely Free to access

The app and website is absolutely free to use. Anyone can search for hotels, experiences or rent homes through Airbnb.

  • Easy search option

When you open Airbnb, there is a search button right at the home screen. Search using a moving map.

  • GPS Enabled

The app has an inbuilt map and GPS system. GPS will help in locating the most apt option for you. No one should end up booking a wrong place.

  • Images available of all sites

There are pictures of everything available on Airbnb. Pictures always help us in knowing the correct representation of the place.Airbnb

  • Information is correct and very nicely presented

Every detail is very clear and presented in a well-mannered way. Everything is easy to understand.

  • Connecting with social media

Social media has become a major part of every internet user. We can login in Airbnb by using our social media ID. Everything that you search or book will be available in the booking history.

  • Ratings and Reviews available

Whenever we use a certain thing, it’s always good to know the views of people who have already used it. Airbnb has ratings and reviews available for all booking sites.

  • Useful FAQs

If any user faces any problem using the Airbnb app or website, there is a set of very useful FAQs under the Help Section. FAQs will clear all the doubts regarding bookings, returns or any other feature of the app.

  • Committed Support team

They have a dedicated support team available for all 24 hours every day. Support accessed from email, call or twitter handles.

Airbnb is a trusted and most widely used portal all over the world. If you are looking to book anything for you, this is the correct place.



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