Kijiji History and Its Relationship with Other Competitors


KIJIJI created as a “start-up inside Bay by a lesser number of people’s commercial employees. This information officially announced by eBay in 2005 in a press release, announcing the new service. After that in March 2010, eBay announced, a new classified and special site called eBay classified to replace Kijiji in the United States.

  • In this way, we can say that Kijiji is a subsidiary of eBay Corporation. After that in 2008, one of the venture capitalist that was Mumbai based named as Matrix Partners India invested in Kijiji India.
  • And then Kijiji was renamed as Kijiji International and remodelled as an independent firm and also re-branded as “Quikr,” which was the collaboration of Matrix Partners and eBay Inc. Janet Bannister is the Founder of Kijiji Firms.
  • In January 2016, Quikr has revealed one announcement that it has captured the real estate area named as in just $200 million by all bulk deal and shortly and it will be emerging as real estate division known by name Quikr Homes. At that time, Quikr is sponsored by so many companies including Kinnevik, Norwest Venture Partners, Omidyar Network, eBay Inc., and so many. In 2009, Quikr had growth to Rs 20 crores.
  • After that in 2014, it has been raised been $150 million by Quikr out of which $60 million investment is done by one of the firm Tiger Global by the participation of more than one investor and increase to $90 million led by Kinnevik.Kijiji Online Classifieds

Countries Involved in Kijiji

As we are now aware that Kijiji is one of the online options to buy, sell or promote anything like new and already used cars, items, jobs, real estate, services, rental houses for vacation and more anywhere virtually. So many countries involved in Kijiji named as Kijiji Montreal, Kijiji Ontario, Kijiji Calgary, Kijiji Toronto, etc.

The relationship between PayPal and Kijiji

Now, Kijiji App is available for the convenience of users. If we want to go to cash-less for your next Kijiji options, we can have one of the most comfortable options that are through PayPal from any mobile device. We have to directly link PayPal account with Kijiji account for the fast and easy transaction.Paypal to Kijiji Transactions

  • It can also done through PayPal in-app from any mobile also. All the information like communication with buyers and sellers with review and exchange of items will also remain same. It is one of the new and secure and straightforward ways of dealing with cash-less. This payment option is straightforward to install on any android phones.
  • Kijiji app latest version is now available for Android 6.4 or Later. For linking your PayPal account within “My Kijiji” page, we have to follow these steps just. Paying with PayPal via Kijiji app is provides users convenient and secure way for payment and also one of the alternatives to cash. If anyone wants to pay via money, it is ok too.



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