Crucial Enlightenment about Gumtree

Gumtree Ad Posting is also carrying the name of Gumtree. It is a renowned British online classified and a community website. The classified ads are of both-Free and Paid depends on the product category as well as the geographical market.

According to the studies in November 2010, Gumtree is the UK’s largest website for local community classifieds and was one of the top 30 websites in the U.K. “The website receives 14.8 million monthly unique visitors”, surveyed by Traffic Audit in 2010.

Where Gumtree exists: U.K. is the classified website in the U.K., South Africa, Poland, France, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore. It was founded in March 2000. Post Classified at GumtreeThe term “Gum Tree” comes from the local Australian word of the Eucalyptus tree. Gumtree Australia had chosen the name by linking three creeds.

Gumtree South Africa is very different from the Gumtree Australia and Gumtree New Zealand.

Gumtree’s Elaboration:

  • Gumtree launched a new website in Warsaw, Poland. It is in the year of September2004.
  • Gumtree Berlin comes into existence in May 2005.
  • In June 2005, Gumtree Italy was multiplied Rome and Milan, spreading itself across 31 cities.
  • Gumtree United States augmented itself in New York, Chicago, and Boston.

Gumtree WesternCapeGumtree Western Cape is pitching the market in the field of classifieds and another name is Gumtree Durban who is hurling in the field of classifieds. It can be of any products and services.

Gumtree’s Attributes:

  • Categorisation: The largest category of advertisements on Gumtree is “goods for sale.” It is the destination of approximately 200,000 motors listings across U.K. at a time.
  • Visibility: It is an extensive social media presence on the social websites like Twitter and Facebook with a queue of 35,000 and 471,000 followers simultaneously. Gumtree is using social media to pass on the news and information. It is about the brand as well as the newborn competitors and promotions.
  • Offering Chances: Gumtree is plaiting an opportunity of paid promotions for enhancing visibility. Users can also pay “to Promote more” their adverts in the listings.
  • Services to business Customers Recently it has come in the field of service to business customers. The website has come in the field of selling classified packages. It has the provision of advertising packages to companies that are looking to post multiple job vacancies and properties.
  • Motivation: Initially, Gumtree Media website helped to publicise the services to potential business clients. The websites take the responsibility of showcasing the paid classified listing options as well as display advertising too.
  • Extension: In the past years, the Company has extended the bulk listing to car dealers. In the year of 2015, Big Brother and its associated media got sponsored by Gumtree.Gumtree Online Advertisement


In the June 2013, a promotion of rent-free accommodation designed like a dress and act like a walrus. Buzzfeed and Mashable also shared and admired it.

Even the Hollywood director Kevin Smith took it as his inspiration in the movie Tusk. Really, Gumtree has achieved a glorious name in the field of advertisements.



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