Enjoy Your Journey with Uber Cabs- India

Uber Cabs India:

Uber is the venture of global taxi technology. It has headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States. The company operates in 633 cities worldwide. The company has given markets and operates the Uber car transportation as well as food delivery through the mobile application. Uber drivers use their own car. The Uber cabs driver can also rent a car to drive with Uber.

Uber word got its birth from the German Word. The Uber means Super or topmost. Uber was found in 2009. It was initially Uber Cab by Garrett Camp, he is the co-founder of Stumble Upon and Travis Kalancik, he has sold the Red Swoosh startup for $19 million in the year of 2007.

Uber services and mobile apps got officially launched in San Francisco in 2011. This application only gives the permission of hailing a black luxury car. It has also been called as Uberisation.

Information of Uber’s Application:

Uber Mobile AppThe Uber application software is required the drivers must have the Smartphone. The users can also access a Smartphone or the mobile website.


In July 2017, the company has come with a service option which gives permission to the people for driving for Uber accessing their own car requirements. It is a subject background check and car requirement.


Uber has announced a service of carpooling named as UberPool at the start of August 2014. It was testing phase in the San Francisco Bay Area. It matches riders to the different rider that is traveling towards the same direction.UberPool

Uber extended the UberPool concept in New York City. It is cheaper from other services from other Uber service.

Uber is offering service levels. The service levels will be available in every city. UberPool is the least expensive level of the service.

UberGo is available in India and also provides the ride. UberAUTO is available in Pakistan and is also an Auto Rickshaws service for the riders to travel within the city.

Uber TAXI allows the user to hire a taxi through the application. During this process, the customers will pay an additional booking fee and will leave a gratuity through the application.

Uber Eats allows the users to have meals delivered from participating restaurants by Uber drivers. Uber EatsIt was launched in August 2014 and one will order food ordering service.

UberRUSH is a service of delivery of courier package that is available in New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago.Uber Rush

UberBOAT is a water-taxi of Istanbul. It allows user for traveling by Beneteau boats across the Bosporus Strait.Uber boat

Uber Services Available:

The services are in the 35 cities. The launching of this service has created some conflicts among all the companies existing in the particular field.


The Company has eventually moved to self-driving cars. Not even this they have hired the researchers for the robotics and also possess an Uber’s Advanced Technologies. The Company has included Uber Advanced Technologies Group for designing and self-driving systems.


The Company has completed the number of 1billionth rides and has achieved the ample services to the users.


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