Satisfy Your Hunger by Taking Services of Skipthedishes

Skip the dishes is a company of North American technology. It has headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada that joins people from the local restaurants and food couriers. Through this company, restaurants are having more business; food couriers earn extra income on their own schedule.

Even the busy people will eat food by ordering from hundreds of local restaurants. They can order from national chains that never offered delivery before. There is no need to skip the dishes at your workplace now.

Skipthedishes Founder History: Skip the dishes FounderJosh Simair foundered Skipthedishes in the year of 2012. During those days, Josh was living in the UK and working with RBC as an Investment Banker.  Whenever he ordered food to the office from the local restaurant it takes time. He realized the need for efficient online food ordering Delivery Company. Then Josh resigned and started his concept of skipthedishes. He launched the network in his home province of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.Dan and Chris Simair joined, along with two friends from university – Jeff Adamson and Andrew Chau are persons who became the co-founder of the company. The two co-founders have come for developing the start-ups.

Skipthedishes Branches:

It has branches in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Prince Albert, Grande Prairie, ReginaSaskatoon, Winnipeg, Mississauga, and Etobicoke.

In American cities: Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Omaha, and St. Louis

Skipthedishes Attributes:

Skipthedishes technology gives the benefit to the customers to order food online. For ordering, customer needs Skipthedishes website or mobile iOS and Android apps. Skip the Dishes App

They will easily make payment for their orders online with debit or credit cards, or in-person with cash when their orders arrive. The restaurants receive their orders online with debit or credit cards or even in-person with cash when the orders arrive. Couriers divide the orders through their developed mobile apps, creating an efficient network.

Customers can view the status of their orders. It is with the help of live updates on the app,

The company is giving transparency to the location of their assigned courier through GPS tracking. The most developed system nowadays.

When a customer receives their orders then Restaurants and couriers can easily get reviewed. It helps in their dishes enhancement and feedback too. This helps in offering feedback and transparency to the rest of the network. It will be about the efficiency and effectiveness of the stakeholders.

Skipthedishes operates across Canada and in select markets in the United States, with new cities being launched on a regular basis. It is an advanced technological innovation that has maintained the future of food delivery.  Skipthedishes continues to advance the technological innovation required for building the food delivery future.

Skip the dishes is employing 800 people.

Skipthedishes Accomplishment:

Skip the DishesIn the year of December 2016, Just Eatacquired Skipthedishes. It is still a subsidiary and separate brand to Just Eat. It has Canadian headquarters to stay in Winnipeg. In 2017, the company extended its venture to food to alcohol delivery. The company has proved its relevance in food and alcohol delivery. The increasing demand shows the credibility of the company in the food delivery space.



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