Ikor Int’l. LLC Franchise – Patient advocacy and guardianship for seniors and people with disabilities

Ikor coordinates the service providers and monitors them within each specialized service. Brian Petranick is the CEO of Ikor Int’l. LLC. Ikor provides services like Medical Advocacy, Financial Advocacy, Disability Advocacy and Life Management.

Established in: 1991

Parent Organization: RiseMark Holdings LLC

Franchising from: 10 Years from 2008

Company Address: 2111 S. 67th St., #410 Omaha, NB 68106


               Their Minimum Investment was: $86,450

               Their Maximum Investment was: $138,083


                1st Year: +30 Units (+90.9%)

                After 3 Years: +48 Units (+320.0%)

Locations of Units:

                              U.S. Franchises        Franchises Outside US     Company Owned

2016                                  33                                        0                                      0

2017                                  63                                        0                                      0

They are seeking new units of franchise throughout the U.S.

Financing Options:

                 To cover startups costs and franchise fee Ikor Int’l. LLC maintains third party sources relationships which offer finance.

Financial Requirement:

                 Initial Investment: $86,450 – $138,083

                 Liquid Cash Requirement: $150,000 – $240,000

Support Options:

Grand Opening



Online Support

Security/Safety Procedures

Franchise Intranet Platform


Marketing Support:

Social Media


Email marketing

Website development

Ad Templates

National Media

Regional Advertising


Website: ikorglobal.com

Facebook Page: Post or share on Ikor International’s Facebook 

Daily Tweet:  Ikor International’s Twitter 

Customer Service Number: 877 456 7872

For Support: Customer Feedback


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