Domestic and International Courier Service

DTDC is the best courier brands which offers Domestic and International Courier Service in India which is preferred by most of the people and has the biggest network of destinations for delivery.

It was established in 1990 with a headquarter at Bangalore. It has 7 zonal offices, 20  regional offices and upto 430 facilities that are operating across India. DTDC is a brand name that has a joint venture with Europe’s best Parcel company. DTDC Courier ServiceThe brand was repositioned with a vision to enhance the global value in the market. DTDC Express service has over 500 district headquarters and 10500 branches with a growing network of 10,500 pin codes .

This company is handling more than 12 million shipments every month that makes it a global giant in this industry. It has it’s offices setup on 240 international locations that includes USA, UAE, Canada and many more with the Asian countries with its own services.DTDC Services



The SMS program launched to make it a customer friendly process that the customer would able to track their shipments easily with many options. The SMS tracker provides Consignment Tracking both Domestic and International, Pin-code and City serviceability too.

For tracking your shipment follow these steps

Step-1 Type TRACK<SPACE> CONSIGNMENT NUMBER and send it to 9230092300( Forexamply- TRACK C434334453).

Step-2  For checking the pin-code, Type PIN<SPACE> PIN CODE and send it to 9230092300( For example- PIN 122005).

Step-3 For checking the Serviceable City, Type CITY<SPACE>CITY NAME and send it to 9230092300( For example- CITY GURGAON).DTDC Tracking System


DTDC E- Tracker is an integrated online program which enables the customer to interact with DTDC. E- Tracking useful  to customer who enabled with the E- process. This system can accessed through the online services and HTTP requests. This provides the consignment status in a consistent flow based on its utility. The integrated program provides the consignment status as a CSV file format through Email.


Website: www.dtdc.in

DTDC Courier Services Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DTDCIndia

Courier Services Twitter: https://twitter.com/dtdcindia

DTDC Courier Services Toll Free Number: 33 004444

Courier Services Help Team: http://www.dtdc.in/contact_overview.asp