Submit Passport Application at PSK

The PSK is where your passport application gets processed, confirmed and finally cleared of any difficulty. Once you have a valid appointment, you can proceed to the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) to finish the rest of the passport program process.

While applying for a passport, a person must go to the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) on the scheduled date to complete the final portion of the application procedure. Last verification and acceptance occur in PSK.

Please Note:

  • Make sure to report to the PSK beforehand.
  • Take the ARN reception and all necessary documents along.
  • Your files screened.
  • You called in the PSK in batches and will need to pass through a security check.
  • Once inside, if all is in order, you’ll issue token digit numbers. You will have to wait in the waiting area until your token digits are displayed. Applicants areas in sequential order based on the token number.
  • When your number is displayed, proceed inside.
Inside the passport center (PSK) you may discover different color-coded counters.
Submit Passport Application at PSK
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1. Counter A

Citizen Service Executive (CSE) /  TCS personnel carries our document verification, fee collection and photographing applicants

2. Counter B

Verification Officer (GO) /Assistant Passport Officer carries out document verification and decides on issuance.

3. Counter C

Granting Officer (GO) / Assistant Passport Officer carries out document verification and decides on issuance.

4. “Counter A/Section A”

Document verification, scan, upload, picture, fingerprints, and confirmation of personal details from the Citizen Service Executive.

Counter A of pSK
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  • Once you enter, enter the booth in line with the screen showing your token number.
  • Your documents assessed.
  • Then you’ll give a print-out of your uploaded private information that you’ll have to review and sign.
  • This confirmed information is also scanned and uploaded on the portal site.

5. “Counter B/Department B”

Document confirmation by Verification Officer

Counter B of PSK
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Counter B of PSK
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  • As with counter ‘A’, you will have to look out for your token number on the track.
  • At this counter, your original documents confirmed once more.

6. “Counter C/Department C”

Passport issuance approval by Granting Officer

Counter C of PSK
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  • This is where approval for the passport is allowed or refused.
  • “Granted” status indicates that the passport approved.
  • Police verification status is determined here i.e. passport allowed according to No Police Verification or After Police Verification.

Exit CounterAcknowledgement Letter

Exit Counter at PSK
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This is given to you in the exit countertops. Make sure this letter is kept safe as it will contain details that you may use to track your application status. It will indicate if your passport application was accepted or not. It will signify the mode for authorities’ confirmation. It also applies to certain passport reissue cases like those pertaining to missing passports/duplicates/change of full name/other important specifies. In cases like this, a passport police Verification Report (PVR) is issued by law enforcement and physical verification is performed.

Post Police Verification is the manner set for certain applicants e.g. government employees providing Identity Certificate or minors where his/her parents posses’ valid passports. Also applies to some instances of passport reissue where sufficient information of the applicant is present in the system. In the event of post-confirmation, the passport is issued before the PVR and verification is performed.

No Police Verification is whereby the passports is issued with no PVR and no verification is required. Again, that applies to certain applicants as stated with Article PV cases. Also, applies to some passport reissue cases.

In the PSK, the application procedure moves to the Passport Office (PO) where all of the backend processing will take place.

Issue, Printing, and Dispatch of Passport.

Just how much time it takes for the passport to be dispatched depends, largely, on the king of Police Verification (PV) required.

Police Verification for Passport
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Pre PV

(Normal) Within 3 working days from the date of a powerful upgrade from the primary police office. (Tatkaal) Update from the primary police office isn’t counted in times taken to dispatch the passport.

Post PV

(Normal and Tatkaal) 3rd working day. This doesn’t include the application submission date.


(Regular) 3rd working day. (Tatkaal) Within one working day. In both circumstances, the application submission date is not included.

Complex Processes

About 30 days for Duplicate passport / Document problems / Name change / unmarried parent applying for minor / Adoption.

Other instances

If there’s some anomaly from the information you provided or additional checking/ verification required or there is a glitch in the system, additional time, over defined timeframes, may require.

Passports are dispatched via India Post through Speed Post that you are able to monitor on the India Post site. It’s delivered to the applicant’s present address. You, as an applicant, should rather the one getting the passport from the hand of the postman.

Two cents of advice for Passport Seva applicants:

  • Carry a ballpoint pen; you might need it to append signatures.
  • Ensure you do self-attestation of their passport pages and other files which you are required to do. It will save some last minute hurry when you are in the line.
  • Carry photocopies of all the original documents such as your address evidence, marriage certificate, etc. You may lucky however to have a copier inside the offices to take photocopies, but well prepared.

There is no need arriving early at the Passport Seva Kendra, they will not let you inside. You simply have to there at various reporting period.

They’ll let cell phones and remote control car keys inside the passport office, so you don’t have to worried about these things. You only need to turn them to quiet mode.

You do NOT need an agent; you are able to do everything by yourself. Just need to take the right documents. Agents do not actually take you inside or do anything. They just guide you and you get a slot.

If your Aadhaar card is fresh, there can a situation where the government database isn’t linked. Consequently, if you’ve got a newly issued Aadhaar card, take a backup accepted document for proof of address.

For utilizing personal bank statements as proof, you need to have your passport size photo with a bank stamp over it. Furthermore, in case you have to re-submit certain documents, there is another time for files which are on hold, so you do not have to stress yourself at all.

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