Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao – Telangana State Chief Minister

About Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao

Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao is better known as CM KCR. He is the first Chief Minister of Telangana after the formation of Telangana State and also currently working. KCR is the president and leader of a regional party, Telangana Rashtra Samithi, also known as TRS Party. He is an MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) from Gajwel Constituency, Siddipet District, Telangana. KCR served previously as MLA from Siddipet and also MP (Member of Parliament) from Karimnagar, Mahbubnagar and Medak. He took oath on June 2nd, 2014 as the first Chief Minister of Telangana.

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KCR Biography

Full Name Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao
Nick Name KCR
Profession Cheif Minister of Telangana
Party Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS)
Personal Life
Date of Birth Feb 17 1954
KCR Age 64 years
KCR Caste Velma
Religion Hinduism
Birth Place Chintamadaka Village of Medak district, Telangana
Nationality Indian
Education Post Graduated from Osmania University with Law Degree
He Persued Masters in Telugu Literature from Osmania University
Family Married to – Shobha
Son – K.T. Rama Rao
Daughter – K. Kavitha
KCR Achievements On Nov 29, 2009, KCR began a hunger strike for separate Telangana State. Eleven Days later on Dec 9, 2009, the government of India announced that “the formation process of Telangana State would be initiated”.

Congress Party Achievements

K.C.R. initially started his career in Medak District with Congress Party. Though Congress was in bad position under Sanjay Gandhi leadership, he stood with them. Later K.C.R. joined TDP (Telugu Desam Party) in 1983 under NT. Rama Rao leadership. K.C.R is well known for his Telugu, Hindi, Urdu and English languages fluency.

Achievements from Telugu Desam Party

In 1983, CM KCR. joined TDP Party and lost an election against A. Madan Mohan. Between 1985 and 1999, he won four Assembly Elections consecutively from Siddipet. He served as Minister of Drought and Relief from 1987 to 1988 in N. T. Rama Roa’s Cabinet. He worked as convener of TDP in 1990 for Medak, Adilabad and Nizamabad districts.

He was elected as Minister of Transport in 1996 in the cabinet of Chandrababu Naidu. From 2000-2001, he worked as deputy speaker of Andhra Pradesh Assembly.

TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samithi)

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CM KCR resigned as Deputy Speaker, as well as TDP Party on April 27 2001. He believed the separate state of Telangana was only the solution for the discrimination of Telangana Districts People. He formed TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samithi) Party in April 2001 to achieve separate Telangana statehood at Jala Drushyam, Hyderabad.

In 2004 elections, as TRS Candidate, Rao won both Siddipet state assembly constituency and Karimnagar Lok Sabha constituency.

TRS was part of UPA (Union Progressive Alliance) which is a Congress coalition government. Saying that UPA wasn’t minding for a separate Telangana State, the party later withdrew from the coalition. He fought Lok Sabha polls in 2004 and became a Union Cabinet Minister of Employment and Labour at the Centre with National Minimum Wages Advisory Board Chairman, Jannu.JaKaraih, he resigned with Jannu JaKaraih in 2006. He fought and won Election of Mahbubnagar Lok Sabha in 2009.

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In 2014, he was elected as Gajwel Constituency MLA of Medak District with 19218 votes majority, Telangana state and as an MP with 397029 majorities from Medak Constituency on May 16 2014.

TRS emerged as the largest vote share party by winning 11 Lok Sabha seats out of 17 and 63 Assembly seats out of 119 after the campaign of the separate state.

KCR Awards

  1. In 2017, he awarded Agricultural Leadership Award.
  2. In 2014, he awarded at CNN – IBN Indian of the Year with Popular Choice Award.

Important Details of Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao

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