About Amit Shah – Profile, Biography, Qualifications and Political Life

Who is Amit Shah?

Amith Shah is a Politician in India, who belongs to BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party). He is a well-known leader of BJP with sufficient experience in his professional field. He is presently serving as BJP National President. Amit Shah played an important role as a supreme force in the party’s emergence in Indian Politics and became the new face of current BJP.

Amit Shah Profile

Full Name Amitbhai Anilchandra Shah
Nick Name Amit Shah
Member of BJP Party
Amit Shah Qualification President of BJP Party
Profession before Politics Served as Stockbroker and also in few co-operative banks in Ahmedabad
Party Bharatiya Janata Party
Personal life
Date of Birth Oct 22 1964
Amit Shah Age 54 years
Birth Place Mumbai, India
Nationality Indian
Education B.Sc
Married to Smt. Sonalbahen
Amit Shah Son Jay
Religion Hinduism
Website http://www.amitshah.co.in/
Twitter https://twitter.com/amitshah?lang=en

Early Life of Amit Shah before entering Politicsamit shah history

Amith Shah was born in Mumbai in a wealthy Jain Family. AnilChandra Shah, his father used to run PVC Pipes dealing business. His schooling completed in Mehsana and graduated in biochemistry in Ahmedabad from CU Shah Science College.  At the age of 14, he joined RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh). He took over the business of his father for some time. He Served as a stock-broker and also worked with Ahmedabad cooperative banks.

In 2000, he elected and appointed as the ADCB (Ahmedabad District Co-operative Bank) President. At that time, ADCB (Ahmedabad District Co-operative Bank) was in difficulties on the edge of shutting down with a loss of Rs.36 crore and required creative and visionary guidance and leadership.

Amith Shah took the bank charge and in a year, he turned its karma and recorded Rs. 27 crore profits within a year time. He also assured that most of the directors of banks remained loyal and faithful to BJP. He married Sonal Shah and Amit Shah Son was Jay Shah.

Political Career of Amith Shah
amit shah biography

He joined RSS at his 14 years. Amith Shah was a volunteer for RSS in his graduation and used to attend all the Local RSS Shakhas. In 1982, he met Narendra Modi for the first time. During those days, Modi was a promoter (pracharak) of RSS party and was leading the Ahmedabad youth activities.

In the same year 1982, Amiit Shah became the RSS Student Body, ABVP (Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) secretary.

AmitShah’s BJP Journeyamit shah

In 1986, he joined BJP. After a year, he became BJP’s youth section BJYM ( Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha) activist. He rose gradually and held various important posts such as general secretary, state secretary, and a vice president among others. He campaigned L. K. Advani, a senior BJP Leader who contested from Gandhi Nagar Constituency from Gujarat in the 1991 Elections.

During 1990s, with Keshubhai Patel as chief minister, Government formed by BJP in Gujarat. At that time, in Gujarat rural areas, the Indian National Congress was highly influenced. To diminish congress influence in the state, Amit Shah gave responsibility by the party higher authority along with Narendra Modi. They both convinced number of people, to join BJP.

Political Role in Gujarat

In October 2001, Narendra Modi appointed as Gujarat Chief Minister and the high command of BJP removed Keshubhai Patel due to poor administrative achievement and performance. Later in the state, Amit Shah gained political importance. AmitShah’s National Politics Entry

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In 2002, he won Gujarat Legislative Assembly Elections with a margin of 1, 60, 000 votes from Sarkhej Assembly. In 2004, the UPA central government took a decision to cancel POTA (Prevention of Terror Acts) Law, but Amit Shah managed for the passing of GCOC (Gujarat Control of Organised Crime) Bill in the state assembly. A lot of opposition faced for passing the bill but Shah successfully defended it.

AmitShah’s National Politics Entry

After BJP’s victory in Indian General Elections held in 2014, a new life of Amit shah’s political career started. Shah’s influence in the party increased since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India. He was chosen as the in charge of Uttar Pradesh by Rajnath Singh, BJP party President and also was appointed as General Secretary of the Party.

Under Amit Shah’s ruling and vision, BJP won 73 out of 80 seats of parliamentary in Uttar Pradesh state which was exceptional. The high command of the party congratulated and praised him for his abilities.

In 2014 July, without any opposition, he was appointed as National President of BJP replacing Rajnath Singh, old and experienced party leader. In 2016 January, he re-elected to the post.

Amit Shah’s Special Characteristics

Amit Shah is a scion and a skilled manager as well. They consider their ideology supreme, as well as respect to the worker’s honor and the maintenance of the office they consider very important.
Amit Shah taught Kaushubhai Thakre from the organization’s skill, with whom he had worked for many years.
When Narendra Modi was the organizational secretary of Gujarat, he started his political career as soon as a common booth worker. This was the time when he had prepared a strong base for the future of BJP and during this time he understood the basic need of the party and the importance of the workers.
They remember the names of their friends and advisers. Whenever he is in Delhi, he tries to spend more time in the headquarters.

Amit Shah Carrier

Amit Narendra had met Bhai Modi in 1982 for the first time, at that time, Narendra Modi was a public servant of National Self-Service Federation and was keeping the youth activities of BJP. Come here to know about Atal Bihari Bajpayee.

In 1982, Amit Shah became the secretary of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. By 1987, Amit Shah joined BJP Youth Wing of BJP, after which he continued to hold several posts like state secretary, vice president and general secretary in the party.

In 1991, Amit Shah had created a big support base in the Ram Janmabhoomi movement in Gujarat. And BJP’s senior leader L.K. Advani, who had contested the General Election of Gandhi Nagar in Gujarat, also campaigned for them. Since then, he got the responsibility of handing over BJP’s elections and he worked with LK Advani till this work till 2009.

When Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee fought elections from Gandhi Nagar, Amit Shah was in charge of the election, thus he played the role of becoming an election manager.

In 1990, there was a major political change in India, during this time Amit Shah and Narendra Modi campaigned to increase the BJP members in the state.

In 1990, Modi had become the BJP president in the state, he wanted Shah to give big responsibility. He persuaded Patel to make the Chairman of Gujarat State Financial Corporation Shah. When Gujarat’s opponents rose in Gujarat, and they were sent to Delhi outside the state, then for Shah Modi used to work as an informer.

In 1997, Modi made great efforts to get the ticket from BJP to Shah and he was successful, Shah became MLA in February 1997 and he also held his seat in the Legislative Assembly elections of 1998.

Gujrat Politics:

When Keshubhai Patel came to the post of CM in Gujarat, the Indian National Congress had a great influence in the rural areas of Gujarat. Amit Shah and Narendra Modi then created a situation in favor of the BJP by campaigning extensively. But the village pradhans election was defeated in villages during that time, and with these loser 8000 principals, strengthening the base with rural leadership. In the next two years, the pair of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah made one side of all the opponents.


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