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About Driving Licence Test

The Telangana RTA (Regional Transport Authority) is the organization of Government of Telangana Transport Department, responsible for maintaining the database of drivers and vehicles for Telangana State. It is also responsible for inspecting Vehicle’s Insurance and Clearance Tests of Pollution. Get more about the Driving Licence Test from here.

Telangana Road Transport Department has initiated an online service for driving license slot booking. Through this, you can book a slot through the online website for Telangana Learner Licence test and test for Driving Licence. This can do through TS transport department online services, an official website. The person can book the slot by scheduling date and time on which they want to visit for the driving test.

Schedule a slot for driving licence

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To get a learner Licence, an applicant must pay the necessary test fee at the RTA Telangana office. The acknowledgment slip given must be attached to the Online learning Licence application form. Now get the Form 4 and visit your nearby RTO Office with required documents.

The state transport department equipped with advanced technology and ready to provide extensive services. Various activities have been decided to use the technology to provide timely service to the customers who come to the office of RTA. In this case, people coming to the office of the RTA will have to first register their names on the website. Authorities believe that this technology can prevent corruption from being introduced.

Driving License Slot booking on the website:

For various tasks, people coming to the RTA offices have decided to introduce a slot system to fix the date and time. Accordingly, the staff will be able to book their slot bookings. This creates unnecessary stress on the staff who will be working timely.
Check for Corruption: Officials are moving forward to check corruption in the transport department. As part of this, the online slot booking system is set up for consumers. Those who arrive at the broker and get things done. The slot policy is proof that the Transport Department is moving forward with the latest ideas to eradicate corruption in the transport department.

Slot for 17 services:

This policy introduced for issuing vehicle licenses in recent days. It is intended to be made available to around 17 types of services. Users also need to use the RTA website to get this new technology. Information that the transport authorities are working to implement a slot system across the state. The Transport Authority has also organized a seminar on the use of the slot system. The Transport Department officials of all the districts attended the convention and reported some suggestions and advice.

The Process of Online Slot Booking for Driving Licence Test in Telangana

Step 1: The applicant needs to visit the RTA Telangana online official website of Telangana Transport Department for Apply Driving License in Telangana

Step 2: Now click on the Licence which appears on the Menu of Website’s Homepage.

Step 3: Then click on “Learner’s Licence”.

Step 4: Now you will be taken to the Learner’s Licence page

Step 5: Click on the Link “Driving Licence Test”.

Step 6: Now on this page, fill the required applicant’s information like Learning Licence No., Date of Birth, District, Test Centre.Driving Licence Test

Step 7: You will be redirected to a calendar in TS RTA slot booking where you are allowed to easily schedule the time and date as per convenience.

Step 8: The person has to select the date which appears in green color. A person cannot select the dates in red color.

Step 9: For Telangana RTA Online Registration, you will charge Rs. 150/-.

Step 10: A form will display and the applicant has to fill it by giving the required information.

Step 11: You will issue an acknowledgment slip confirming the amount you need to clear and along with the list of documents you need to carry for the driving test.

Step 12: Take a print out of your online booked schedule.

Step 13: Visit the RTO Office with application form along with the print out of your booked slot at the same time and date which you have booked on the application form.

Payment Procedure for Driving Test

Step 1: The Scheduled driving test payment will depend on the factor of where is the slot booked.

Step 2: Currently, there is no online payment facility for driving test slot booking.

Step 3: If the applicant has driving license slot booking at nearby RTO Office for driving test, then the person must pay the fee at RTO office.

Step 4: If the applicant has booked a slot online, then the applicant must pay the required fee and other user charges at the concerned test center before the test.

Step 5: The applicant cannot attend the driving test without the payment of the required fee.

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Note: The fees paid by the applicant will show in the confirmation slip. So you need not to pay any other charges, even demanded.

Key Points to Remember for RTA

  • The Telangana Road Transport does not contain any agents or touts if you take such services; you availed at your own risk.
  • You can book a slot at any nearby Telangana RTO Office or Internet counters.
  • There is no fee to pay to anyone for booking the slot. It is absolutely free.
  • There is a limit in a turn. No one can allot more than the turn. This Service fully automated.

You can get the driving license status Telangana at

Important Details of Telangana RTA

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