Best Top Energy Saving Split Air Conditioners in 2018

Recently Launched AC’s (Air Conditioners)

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As the sun is shining brightly above our head and summer season have already came. As almost all the Air Conditioner companies have launched their 2018 range that which is packed with the best and amazing features so, it is now the right choice to buy a brand new AC.

We are providing best Air Conditioner of India as we have done the endless hard work of choosing the right AC’s for you so, that after your return to home after your working for the complete day you feel refresh and have peaceful sleep.

Go in advance to buy one of these best and top in class split AC’s which are now going to available in India.

1. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC (2018)

  • Approaching from a Tata company, Voltas is always guaranteed to offer the top and best in class quality of service & product.
  • A capacity of 1.5 ton is more than enough for a medium sized room in order to have an evenly cooled room even in temperature reaching maximum.
  • It has various control modes which is really simple to use a remote controller.
  • In order to have a well sleep at night the Air Conditioner it-self comes with various features.
  • From the Voltas company it is guaranteed with 05 years of warranty on compressor.


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2. Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (2018)

  • This Air Conditioner from Whirlpool company brings you the amazing of 3 Star Non Inverter Split AC in order to offer an extreme equity between cooling & efficiency of power.
  • The Whirlpool Company providing allegation that it to offer an air flow of up to 32 feet & also it can work when the temperature of 52 degrees outside is touching.
  • This Air Conditioner is made of aluminum, Condenser is covered with 05 years of warranty and the compressor is covered with 05 years of warranty.
  • The Air Conditioner remote is simple and easy to understand and use.


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3. Voltas 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC

  • This is another Air Conditioner from which gave it a rather simpler look & comes with a Window type AC
  • Having Copper coil in Air Conditioner is best to have.
  • It comes with 120 Square feet in size which is best suitable for small rooms and having the capacity of 1 Ton.
  • The Air Conditioner has 5 star energy rating that helps you to keep energy saver and provides low electricity bill.
  • As experienced of users, this Air Conditioner is quiet silent
  • If you’re getting this Air Conditioner about 25, 000 then it’s worth choosing.


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4. V-Guard (VG) 1.5 Ton AC

  • V-Guard is one of the best electronics company in India & they had newly updated their entire range of products for 2018.
  • Consumption of Electricity is less.
  • This V-Guard (VG) Air Conditioner is damn silent & also easy to clean
  • It looks well on the wall.
  • V-Guard Company is giving 03 years of warranty on the compressor.
  • VG has designed the Air Conditioner with keeping in mind that the summer & monsoon in India, and this Air Conditioner is capable of handling 1.5 Ton.


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5. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (2018)

  • Voltas Air conditioners are useful for personal use and also good for commercial use.
  • This particular Air conditioner from the Voltas Company is always there to add different colors with its great looking white shade to your wonderful room. The Air conditioner comes with the stylish design.
  • The fantabulous part about the Air conditioner is that it comes with 3 star energy rating which contains one of the most efficient in power and you can affordable.
  • It contains LCD remote controller with night glow function of sleep mode, on and off time and gives warranty of 05 years on compressor.
  • It is best suitable for medium sized rooms with the square feet of 121 to 179.



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6. Hitachi Neo 1.5 Ton AC

  • Hitachi Company brings the Japanese technology for the top and best in class air flow and cooling.
  • It has auto restart feature which is most of the people will like and that retains your settings & will re-starts the Air conditioner in the same settings after the power gone.
  • Auto fan speed is another feature located besides auto restart feature which works perfectly.
  • Determining the temperature & humidity is capable for Hitachi Air conditioner in the surrounding & will helps to adjust the temperature & air flow accordingly so, that you don’t even need to move your finger.
  • Its four ways swing makes secure that the room is cooled quickly and evenly, it gives 05 years of warranty on compressor.


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7. Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC (2018)

  • It contains special features of Auto re-start, Turbo, Sleep Mode, Timer with LCD remote controller.
  • It is best suitable for small sized rooms with the square feet of less than 120.
  • It is best in class with made up of copper and energy efficient cooler.
  • It gives 05 years warranty on compressor and 01 year warranty on the Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC product.
  • It is Non inverter split AC type of Air conditioner


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