Thousand Pillar Temple

About Thousand Pillar Temple:

Thousand pillar temple is an Architecture miracle of 850 years old. It stands as a symbol of Great Telugu Kakatiyan Architecture. The Warangal District in Telangana has an astonishing collection of tourist destinations. One such gem in Warangal and Hanamkonda is the Thousand Pillar Temple.

Thousand Pillar Temple

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Despite of the damage occurred by Muslim Invasions, it stands as the evidence of Kakatiyan Dynasty architectural styles and a most prominent tourist place in Warangal District.

The 1000 pillar temple is constructed under the supervision of Kakatiyan King Rudradeva in 1163 AD. This temple stands as the best example of Genius Kakatiyan architecture. This temple is known as “Sri Rudreshwara Swamy Temple” which is named after the King Rudradeva. The temple’s gateways, pillars and ceilings are all adorned with elaborate carvings.

The Thousand pillar temple has a unique star shape and thousand pillars which is an architectural marvel of itself and one among the Telangana’s ancient temples and also ancient temples of India. This kakatiyan style architecture is known as “Trikootalaya”. This temple structure is supported by the 1000 pillars and hence derived its name as “Thousand Pillared Temple”.

Thousand Pillar Temple Shrine

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Every pillar in the temple is made of beautiful carvings of patterns which reminds the Kakatiyan style. Every wall in the temple is an absolute complete poetry. The temple garden is well maintained. The surrounding gardens of the main pillared temple have been reasonably used to house these architecture and shrines of the temple.

Each Shrine in the thousand pillars is a precious monument to state of Telangana culture and also for Indian History. The temple stands on a stone platform which is raised to a height from ground of 1metre and rests on slope hills of Hanamkonda. The tourists are provided a glimpse of splendid architecture of Kakatiya through the exquisite screens of the elaborated main structure. The elephant structures exhibit the genius of artisans of Kakatiya dynasty.

Nandi in Thousand Pillar Temple

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The most notable thing of thousand pillar temple in Warangal is the giant Nandi which is present in the temple’s property. The monument is made up of very hard black stone that even shines today. The thousand pillar temple at Hanamkonda is accessible easily from everywhere of India. The temple is a gift to tourists where it provides the best opportunity to relish the past and the history of Orugallu (Warangal’s old name) Kakatiya Rulers.

The interesting fact of the thousand pillar temple history is that, there is an underground route from this temple to Warangal Fort which was built by ruler of Kakatiya and he used to visit this temple using this route. Another interesting fact is that the temple’s inside temperature is always cool. To feel it, one should sit inside the temple in hot summer. There is a belief that this cooling effect is due to the special soft sand which is wet is used at the temple’s foundation level which is connected with a pipe connection to Bhadrakali Lake. The 1000 pillars a built with micro carving which is done with great care and can see the uniformity of carvings.

The Nandi is the temple’s special attraction. The carvings made on Nandi are very interesting and looks like historical jewellery.

Thousand Pillar Temple

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Now 1000 pillar temple Hanamkonda is prominent and one among Telangana and Warangal Tourist destinations which reflect the culture of Kakatiyan rulers.

Special Attractions of 100 Pillar Temple in Telangana:

  • Nandi, the bull
  • Rich Carvings
  • Minute carvings which is done with great care

Nearby Attractions of Warangal 1000 pillar temple:

Thousand Pillar Temple Timings: Everyday 6 AM – 8 PM

Contact Numbers: 040 23450444 (State Tourism Department)

                                   0870 2459201 (Warangal District Tourism Officer)

Directions to Warangal Thousand Pillar Temple:

  • It is 7 kms far from Kazipet Railway Station. You can take a bus or auto from there.
  • There are many buses from available from all major cities of Telangana to bus stop of Hanamkonda. The bus stop is 1.5 kms far from Thousand Pillar Temple.


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