Best Beaches in Maharashtra State

About Best Beaches in Maharashtra State

Maharashtra is placed in west central of India and mostly called as fast-paced capital, Mumbai. When we hear the name “Maharashtra” comes to our mind is ‘Bollywood’ but the state is also popular for the variety of Best Beaches in Maharashtra State located in surrounding areas.

Maharashtra State Districts
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Arabian sea is very close to Maharashtra, with that it owns fantastic beaches. The beaches are situated far away distance from the annoying crowd of the state. It offers beach sports games, beach walk, sun bathing and many more. Maharashtra is having many historical places and the beaches are near to those historic places. People can visit the places and get more entertainment by playing on the beach.

Look at the Best Beaches in Maharashtra State as the following:

1. Dahanu Bordi Beach:Dahanu Bordi Beach

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The bordi beach is 145 km away from the Mumbai city and it is famous for Chikoo orchards fruits. To travel for this beautiful destination place need to come to cross Sahyadri Mountain and travel from the edge of the Arabian sea. Along with orchards, you can also find Casuarina trees, coconut groves to eat.

In order to get more entertainment their, you can play water adventure games. The Bordi beach is the best place to play trekking, gliding and kite flying etc..,

2. Ganapatipule Beach:Ganapatipule Beach

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Ganapatipule is one of the best beaches in Pune, compare to other beaches it is not that much polluted and crowded. It is the best scenic and aesthetic beach in the state. The beach is in the blue Arabian sea with white sands.

Best Beaches near Pune
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Near to the beach, Swayambhu Ganesh temple is placed a special attraction in that place and there you can also find various restaurants with local food items such as Phanspoli, Kokam Kadi, Ambapoli and fish curries. Tourist can taste the local food items and enjoy the beaches.

3. Shriwardhan Harihareshwar:Shriwardhan Harihareshwar

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Harihareshwar beach placed in Konkan border of Maharashtra. Here, we get a quaint, serene atmosphere and it is a perfect place to enjoy the holidays in a peaceful manner. The Shriwardhan is in sandy beaches, gentle winds with landmarks of Maratha Kingdom that. People who interested in yoga, sun bath and meditation, this is the perfect place to do all those things.

The beach is surrounded by plenty of restaurants with delicious food items such as lobsters, seafood items, Konkani and Maharashtra cuisine, caught crabs and more. Here, you can also do boat travel on the beach and had a great experiencing in boating.

4. Juhu Beach – Best Beaches in Maharashtra State:Juhu Beach

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Juhu beach located in Mumbai is a capital city of Maharashtra. It is a poshest beach in that state and there you can get Indian snacks like bhelpuri, panipuri and more available in the beach surroundings. Near to this beach, there are many Bollywood celebs are living. Those enjoy whether in their free time and walk down to the seashore. Here you can do horse riding and donkey riding. In all beaches, Juhu is the most crowded beach in the state. near to the beach having luxury hotels and houses and it looks like the diamond necklace in the night time.

It covers along with Indian food and also offers Italian items, Mangi Ferra, Penne and more. Near to the beach also having the pubs and Italian restaurants.

5. Mandwa and Kihim Beach:

Mandwa and Kihim Beach

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People, those who want to spend time away from the city places then Mandwa beach is the perfect spot for those people. It is 10 km distance from the Mumbai beach, there you can find coconut trees, butterflies and birds, flowers and more. Those who love the nature, there can spend the time here.

Near to the Kihim beach, you can find many historical places like Chaul, Portuguese days, Kolaba Fort, Buddhist caves, Hamam Khana and Synagogue temple.

6. Tarkali Beach:Tarkali Beach

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Tarkali Beach is placed in the coast of Maharashtra and it is 6 km away from the Malvan and 545 km away from the Mumbai city. The beach is covered by Karli River and Suru trees and the beach water is more clear and panoramic. People can do multiple things like water games, sunbath, beach Walkscuba diving and more.

Here, you can find the best forts in Maharashtra near to the beaches and built in the 17th century. The forts like Padmagarh Fort & Sindhudurg Fort. Interesting tourism places near to the Tarkali beach are Vengurla rocks, Nivati beach, Bhagwati temple, Dhamapur lake, Devbag sangh and many more.

7. Madh Island Beach:Madh Island Beach

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Island Beach is the most and Best Beaches in Maharashtra State. If you are planned to visit the Mumbai then this beach is the 1 destination place to visit. Madh Island beach placed in rural place but tourist persons can get more enjoyment on travelling through the beautiful villages. Compare to other Mumbai beaches, this is the very cleanest beach and it surrounds by the mangroves. Near to the beach opens few restaurants, spas and hotels.

Here, you can find Madh Fort, it can also called as Versova Fort. The fort was built by Portuguese.

8. Marine Drive:

Marine Drive

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Marine Drive can also be known as Queen’s Necklace beach. It is the most attracting tourism place in Mumbai. Marine is very near to the Chowpatty Beach. The beach is very popular for ceremonies of the Hindu Religious. Their you can also find stalls like Kulfi, Bhelpuri and pan. Mostly this place is for walking, taking relaxation and enjoy the local cuisines.

The road links with the 5 star hotels like Hotel Taj, Oberoi, India Gateway and restaurants with shopping centers.

9. Marve Manori and Gorai:

Marve Manori and Gorai

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Tourist persons are most attracted by visiting the Gorai beach and it provides the amazing views of sunset and sunrise. These beaches are with natural beauty and it is mostly famous for late night beach parties. People mostly prefer to do the party on the Full moon day.

Marve beach is a most industrial are of Mumbai. Near to the Mumbai only having Restaurants and Hotels and their is no attracting places nearby manori beach.

10. Bassein Beach:

Bassein Beach

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Bassein beach is a most and very peaceful location and it is 75 km distance from Mumbai city. It resembles exotic beach state of Goa. This is a less crowded beach, it is the best and Best Beaches in Maharashtra State for weekend parties. It is very exciting and adventurous place of beach in Mumbai.

Near to the beach having Buddhist relics at Nalasopara and also we can find Vajreshwari temple, Sadguru Nityanand samadhi Mandir, Bhimeshwar temple and many more places are available here.

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