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In Warangal, Bhadrakali temple is one of the historical temples of India which is devoted to Bhadrakali Goddess. It is located between Warangal city and Hanamkonda city upon a hill, beside of Bhadrakali Lake. Temple is located in Warangal District of Telangana state. It formerly built by Chalukyas at the period of the Chalukyas reign in 625 AD. And it is an ancient temple.


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In 1950s Sri Ganapathi Sasthri and a few other local members modernized the Bhadrakali temple. After remodeling the temple get back to its attractiveness. Every year lakhs of people visit the temple and it is among the most famous holy place. Temple built with natural rocks. All over the temple with historical interest and with devotion every devotee visits Bhadrakali temple.

Bhadrakali temple photography cannot describe its magical beauty. However, taking photos inside the temple not encouraged by the priests. If anyone interested to take photos, then they can take outside the main Bhadrakali temple.


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Bhadrakali temple Significance:

In this Bhadrakali temple, the main idol worshipped is Goddess Bhadrakali in sitting position with eight hands and is wearing an attractive crown. The significance of each hand is carrying one weapon. The deity is made out of stone with 2.7 meters. The cherished vehicle of the Goddess Bhadrakali is a ferocious lion which is placed opposite to the holy sanctorum of the temple.


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Inside the temple, there are many other idols as well Like Maha Mandapam, Located separate temples for Lord Shiva, Subramanya Swamy, Hanuman temple, and Navagrahas along with Uma Maheshwara images on the stone are placed. These are signified to one of the ancient shrines of the gods, carved out of stone. Lord Vigneshwara Temple is builted newly located outside the main Bhadrakali temple.


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The idol in the Bhadrakali temple named as Goddess Bhadrakali, yet the holy mantras had completed changed into “Tripura Sundari” of the image of the Goddess Bhadrakali. It is a rare form that shows the greatest feminine power of the universe. This mode of consisting of Goddess Kali form and is regarded as a greatest indication of Prakriti. ‘Beauty of The Three Worlds’ is the authentic meaning of the word Tripura Sundari.

Bhadrakali Lake an attractive feature of this Bhadrakali temple built by Kakatiyaas at the period of Kakatiya reign and it is a man-made lake which is useful to serve as a source of water for irrigation projects and other requirements. This lake surrounded by top hills and dotted with multiple natural rock creations nearby and extent to 2 and a half kilo meters. It adds an attractive feature and spiritual atmosphere of the Bhadrakali temple and it presents a peaceful environment.


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Temples beside Bhadrakali temple:

There are multiple temples which are worth visiting around Bhadrakali Temple Warangal. Some of the shrines are Padmakshi Amma Goddess Shrine, Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Shrine, Sri Narasimha Swamy Shrine, Sri Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swamy Shrine and many more Shrines. In Warangal, Thousand Pillar Temple is another famous tourist charm which is located away from Bhadrakali Temple around 2 kilo meters.

Bhadrakali Temple, Warangal Architecture and History:

Bhadrakali temple a historical temple built in the mode of Chalukyan architecture, in order to blemish their Vengi region victory. The Ekanda Shila statue and the tall pillars in the shrine represent a brief look of Chalukyan reign, while the tricky carvings on the pillars presents the luminous art of Kakatiya reign.

Goddess Bhadrakali considered as a tribal goddess by Kakatiya Kings and therefore they had contributed much to the Bhadrakali temple. Bhadrakali Lake built by Kakatiya Kings at the period of Kakatiya reign. The importance of Warangal Bhadrakali temple had diminished with the fall of Kakatiya reign. A lake connecting shrine also constructed at the period of their rule.

Bhadrakali temple

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In 1950’s Bhadrakali temple again rehabilated by Sri Ganapathi Sastri. In the 1940’s who had shifted from Karnataka to Warangal, this initiated an intense devotee of Kali Goddess. He had decided to stay next to the Bhadrakali temple which then just a sheltered place, at the time of seeing the remaining part of. He is the beginner of renovating the Bhadrakali temple, with the help of other local members who contributed in the renovation of Bhadrakali temple like Sri Mudumbai Ramanujacharya, Vangala Guravaiah, Sri Maganlal Sameja, Thandra Venkata Rama Narsaiah, Brahmasri Sri Hari Radhakrishnamurthy, Adluri Seetharama Shastry, Tankasala Narasimha Rao, and Maha Tapaswini Mangalambika.

Sacrificing Animals stopped in Bhadrakali Temple after the modification. Also, the temple of the goddess slightly renovated. Originally the goddess had a bold form which later softened by a few modifications. Goddess Bhadrakali face changed into a smiling and silent face. Goddess’s tongue written by Holy chants at the time of modifications. Bhadrakali temple modified to a huge extent and an historical pillar near the Garbha Griha a symbolic of its great history.

Currently worshipping of Bhadrakali Goddess is based on vedic rituals and are performed every day at the Bhadrakali temple by the temple priest.

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Bhadrakali Temple Warangal Festivals:

Visiting Warangal Bhadrakali Temple at the time of any Hindus festivals is an optimal time decorated and filled with sprightliness.

Brahmostavam organized during the month of April (or) May. The crowd of devotees visits the time of Brahmotsavams.

Bathukamma Festival celebrated by women and girls with beautifully arranged flowers with flower patterns with great passion here.

Bhadrakali temple celebrates many outstanding festivals like Vasanta Navaratri, Shakambari Utsavam and Sharan Navaratri during Shravana Masam, which will come at the month of August (or) September.

To offer your prayers visit the Bhadrakali Lake at the Bhadrakali Temple.


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Warangal Bhadrakali Temple Timings:

The timings of Warangal Bhadrakali Temple For darshanam is starts from 5:30 AM to 1 PM. Closes from 1 PM to 3 PM. Again it opens at 3 PM to 8 PM for the devotees.

Note: Taking Photos inside the temple is prohibited.


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How to reach Warangal, Bhadrakali Temple?

Tourists can easily reach to the Bhadrakali temple via hiring locally run autos, (or) buses. Bhadrakali Temple is located away from Warangal railway station around 5 kilo meters. It is also near to the Warangal Lal Bahadur College.


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Entry Fee for Bhadrakali Temple – No  Entry Fee

Contact Number of Bhadrakali Temple – +919491000707

Address of  Bhadrakali Temple –  Bhadrakali Temple Road, Near Lal Bahadur College, Tadkamalla Village, 506007, Warangal, Telangana, India.

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