10 Best Snowfall Locations in India

In India, these are 10 Amazing Snowfall locations which are perfect during family holidays, people who like for adventure tour and also for honeymoon couple who enjoy experiencing the snowfall.

Following are the Best 10 Snowfall Locations in India…

1. Auli Snowfall Located in Uttarakhand

Auli snowfall is also known as ‘bugyal’ and it is situated near dialect which is present on the way to Badrinath Pilgrimage (16 Kilo meters away from the place of Joshimath). If you have the skill of travelling over the snow on skis (or) want to learn to travel over the snow then Auli is an amazing place to break your skiing journey. Auli is an amazing place with a deep temperature and you will experience snowfall of having life with an imagined and unrealistic ideal world. In India, Auli snowfall is one of the amazing snowfall destination place which consists at a height of 2500  meters to 3000 meters high skiing slopes, although it is a full of scenic spots from environment of forest  to high mountain tops, but it gives tough competition to different international ski snowfall locations.


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2. Pahalgam Snowfall Located in Jammu and Kashmir

What best place you can observe Snowfall in India other than Perched snowfall? It is one of the perfect snowfall elegance which is located above the sea level and consists at a height of 8,957 feet. This snowfall consists of complete natural beauties of riverside location, chill weather forecast, surrounding calmness and many more amazing locations which make us feels like exciting. The long journey will provide you a pleasant of covered with snow which will makes us mad and excitement is the real magic of Pahalgam.


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3. Gulmarg Snowfall Located in Jammu and Kashmir

From Srinagar area the tourists can enter into this pure Gulmarg Snowfall elegance place easily and it is located across 880 kilo meters away from the capital of the Nation;. It consists of snow covering at the mountain tops in the back ground with chill winds, different varieties of flowers and also for skiing it consists of huge snow cover. You can also have an amazing ride in Gondola (world’s highest cable car), you should not miss any of these beauties. A tour trip to Gulmarg Snowfall Location is, however is incomplete without visiting to Alpathar Lake and Tangmarg which is also a tourist place located 1 kilo meter ahead and also enjoying Kashmiri dishes and– a beautiful.


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4. Manali Snowfall Located in Himachal Pradesh

In India, Manali Snowfall is one of the most amazing hill stations spot, the Manali Snowfall appeal will never disappear among tourists. Its bright green color grassland, crystal clear rivers and also the dancing drama of covering of snow on mountain tops and blue sky around the horizon are simply unique. It provides pleasure of travelling on snow and ice-skating during the onset of winter season. Manali Snowfall is located at north of Shimla with a distance of 270 kilo meters, Manali is settled in River Beas Valley above sea level at a height of 2,050 meters.


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5. Shimla Snowfall Located in Himachal Pradesh

For the real enjoyment of Shimla Snowfall you must wait till mid-December and it is best suitable for vacation holiday tourists and for honeymoon couples because you will observe the location in a new manifestation of a god covered with a white sheet fetching of group of people. If you have a less time to enjoy and wants to enjoy at the utmost then choosing of Shimla Snowfall is the right choice. It is situated near the Himachal Pradesh main gateway so you can continue your journey to different other tourist spots and explore the states of Naldehra from Shimla, Kufri and Manali.


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6. Kufri Snowfall Located in Himachal Pradesh

In India, Kufri Snowfall is one of the famous winter holiday spots when compare to other Snowfall destinations and it is a favourite traveling over snow on skis. During winter season it changes into heaven with the white snow expand all over the Kufri area and feels like refreshing and chill look. The beauty of the Kufri Snowfall destination place is cherries on the pasty cake are the tall deodars and pines also postcard.


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7. Ladakh Snowfall Located in Jammu and Kashmir

The beneath the surface of Ladakh Snowfall is also one of the best places of India. The snowy around the Ladakh can be observed from October to March. You can enjoy winter treks, lakes, rivers and also freezing waterfalls between October and March.


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 8. Katao Snowfall Located in Sikkim

Katao is located away from 144 kilo meters of Gangtok. Looking for hill station with less snow fall then it is the best destination spot you can choose. It is covered with snow up to march and the tourists can visit here only when Army department will give permission to visit.


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9. Tawang Snowfall Located in Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang Snowfall during winter season looks like a heaven on the earth, it is covered with snow and also consists of 400 years back old Buddhist religious vow which catches the eyes of the tourists and many more tourist spots covered with all nature beauties.


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10. Chopta-Tungnath Snowfall Located in Uttarakhand

It is the beautifull valley situated in Uttarakhand and the Tungnath temple will closes down at the time of winter season but the tourists will visit to enjoy the snowy destination spot. Chandrashila location contains most amazing views, but the trekking is difficult and the Tungnath Temple will looks like a scenic picture as it is covered with full of snow.

snowfall in tungnath and chopta

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