10 Best Tadoba Hotels & Resorts in Tadoba National Park

Tadoba Hotels & Resorts

The Tadoba National Park is one of the popular accommodation facilities resorts in India with amazing natural surroundings, Water Meadows, Tiger Safaris, Jungle Safaris and more entertainment facilities located in Maharashtra. Here we gathered 10 Best Tadoba National Park Resorts with luxurious hotels and also best budget hotels for you. Get Tadoba Hotels & Resorts List here. And you can also Book Hotels Online.tadoba hotels and resorts

1. MTDC Resort-Tadoba

Maharastra Tourism Development Corporation Resort is famously called as MTDC Resort.  When you enter the area of Moharli gate than on the right border of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve you can observe the huge range of different plants, long trees, and beautiful flowers then it is the place of MTDC Resort. Behind Moharli gate you can see Moharli Lake. The People who like to spend more time you can choose this resort which provides simple accommodation facilities with AC and Non-AC rooms and serves Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian delicious food.mtdc-holiday-resort-tadoba

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2. Svasara Jungle Lodge

From the Kolara gate, Svasara Jungle Lodge is located 300 meters away in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. It is a luxurious hotel which provides the facilities of beautifully-furnished rooms, AC Suites with sophisticated bathrooms, TV, Small fridge and many more luxury facilities. It provides delicious food and can tourists have their food in their private rooms. You can enjoy the safari on the tiger, nature walks in the evening and many more entertainments activities.svasara-lodge

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3. Tigers Heaven Resort

Tigers Heaven Resort For a peaceful and relaxing stay in the Park which is situated 10-kilometers away from the Tadoba National Park and near to the Tadoba reserve forest entrance gate. It provides the facilities of deluxe rooms, Special rooms with ACs, Landline, and Attached bathroom and also for entertainment purpose you can us TV. It contains the natural beauties including Variety of plants, amazing peaceful environment, and food in this resort will satisfy your stomach.tigers-heave-resort

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4. Royal Tiger Resort

Royal Tiger Resort is situated at the right side of the entrance gate of Moharli which is very famous among all the Tadoba National Park resorts. It provides the facilities of Standard Deluxe rooms and Special Deluxe rooms which can stay joint family at is best suitable for 12 persons staying.  You can enjoy the safari on the tiger trips of the beautiful birds, walking in the evening times in the village, and many more entertainments activities. It provides the dishes of Indian delicious food and also western delicious food.royal-tiger-resort

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5. Camp Serai Tiger

The name of Camp Serai Tiger comes in the list of top and best accommodations options in Tadoba. It is situated between the beautiful surrounding places with streams and lakes which is the main highlight of the Camp Serai Tiger Resort. It provides the facilities of weatherproof tents and a hall of residence for the school children’s.  You can enjoy tour safaris, forest safaris, evening picnics and many more entertainments activities.camp-serai-tiger

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6. Tiger Trail Resort Tadoba

Tiger Trail Resort is situated beside Khutwanda Gate and hills of Ambegadh in Tadoba Chichghat Valley. It is surrounded by the elegant picturesque landscape, beautiful water meadows, and attractive atmosphere and also with flourishing green grasslands. It provides the facilities of interior furnished rooms, Air Conditioners and also power backup. You can enjoy trekking in nature, watching performances of tribal’s, boating, campfires and many more entertainments activities. You can have delicious food which this resort serves Indian and Western food.tadoba-tiger-king-resort

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7. Saras Resort

Saras Resort in Tadoba National Park resorts located in the village of Moharli neat Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve entrance gate. You can enjoy trekking in the forest, jungle safari, campfires and many more entertainments activities. It provides the facilities of basic requirements which we need to stay here and also it offers delicious food of Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian.Saras_Resort

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8. Chava Kolara Resort

Looking for the best budget hotels in Tadoba National Park then Chava Kolara Resort is the right choice. It provides the facilities of ACs and Non-AC rooms you can choose which is best suitable for your convenience. You can enjoy Safari on Tiger, Walking in the evening at the villages and many more entertainments activities. It offers Indian dishes and also foreign dishes with the arrangement of the outdoor facility.chava-kolara-resort

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9. Taboba Tiger King Resort

Tadoba Tiger King Resort situated at the Kolara gate border; it surrounded with across the greenery scenic area. The Resort provides the facilities of pleasant environment rooms of ACs with affordable price. It serves your favorite dishes with the utmost satisfaction.tadoba-tiger-king-resort_

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10. Irai Safari Retreat Resort

Are you a lover of nature and looking for the best luxurious accommodation then your search with Irai Safari Retreat Resort will end here? It situated at the edge of TATR near gate of Moharli. Resort surrounded with deep covered forests you can enjoy Walking on the bush, dinners on the outdoor bushes, riding on the bullock carts and many more entertainments activities. It provides the facilities of comfortable beddings, Attached bathrooms, tea preparation kettle and many more facilities.Irai_Safari_Retreat_Resort

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