Bathukamma Festival in Telangana

About Bathukamma Festival in Telangana (బతుకమ్మ పండుగ తెలంగాణ)

There are many Festivals and Jatharas of Telangana State which is celebrated by the Telangana Peoples. Bathukamma Festival which is Telangana’s Floral Festival celebrated during Durga Navratri for Nine Days. These Special Bathukamma Songs praise the Pride of Telangana Districts & project Indian Culture. These type of festivals are administered by the Telangana Endowments Department

Telangana Endowments Department
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Bathukamma is a delightful floral (made of flowers) festival of Telangana State and is celebrated by Hindu women with exotic flowers available in the season of the region. This festival became a representation of Telangana identity and culture. This festival comes during the second half of Rainy season and before the beginning of the Winter season. The Bathukamma Images shows the Telangana identity and culture

Festivals and Jatharas of Telangana State

The celebration of Telangana Bathukamma Festival (బతుకమ్మ పండుగ వేడుక)

The rains in monsoon season usually give plenty of water into the tanks and ponds of Telangana and it is also the time period when wild flowers flourish in different vibrant colours over the uncultivated land and infertile plains of the region. The most prominent of these flowers are “tangedu” and “gunugu” (or “gunuku”). There are other flowers like the ‘chamanti’, ‘banti’, ‘nandi-vardhanam’ etc.

Bathukamma Festival is celebrated by the Telangana State’s women folk, representing the beauty of booming nature in multifarious flowers.


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For whole one week, they make small ‘Bathukammas’ with flowers, play every evening around them and submerge them in a water pond nearby.

The flowers arranged carefully line after line in a plate of brass, called ‘taambalam’ in alternate colours, circular rows. The Bathukamma grows on increasing in the size while arranging and the bigger it gets the better. The ‘gunuka’ flowers in white are coloured with water paints and colourful circular layers are given to Bathukamma along with ‘tangedu’ in between. Prayers offered to the Bathukamma by placing before the family deity.

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As evening begins, the women of the state dress colourfully in their best attire and enhance more ornaments and place the Batukamma in the yard. The neighbourhood women gather in a big circle around it. They start singing bathukamma songs by making rounds repeatedly around them, making a beautiful human circle of love, unity and sisterhood.

Bathukamma Songs (బతుకమ్మ పాటలు)

The Best & Ever Green Bathukamma Songs and There lyrics are of the following:

1. Okkesi-Puvvesi-Chandamama-Bathhukamma-Songs-Lyrics

Bathukamma songs lyrics in telugu for Okkesi Puvvesi Chandamama song

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2. Sri-Ramachandrudu-Uyyalo-Bathukamma-Songs-Lyrics

Bathukamma songs in Telugu lyrics for Sri Ramachandrudu Uyyalo song

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3. Pandintlo-Unnayi-Bathukamma-Songs-Lyrics

Telangana songs lyrics in Telugu for Pandintlo Unnayi Bathukamma song

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4. Shukravaramunadu-Uyyalo-Bathukamma-Songs-Lyrics

Bathukamma song lyrics for Shukravaramunadu Uyyalo Song

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After playing around the ‘Batukammalu’ in circles, before the beginning of darkness, the womenfolk carry Bathukammas on their heads and move as a stream towards a lake or a pond near the town or village. The procession is extremely glittering and colourful with beautifully dressed and decorated women and “Bathukammalu”. Songs of oral history sung in chorus over the Womenfolk, the streets rumble with them.

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Finally, when they reach the water body nearby the ‘Bathukammalu’ are slowly dip into the water after another round of singing and playing. Then the ‘Maleeda’ (a dessert made with sugar or raw sugar and cornbread) sweets shared amongst the members of the family and neighbourhood. They get back to their homes with the empty plate, ‘taambaalam’ singing songs in admiring of Bathukamma. During the entire week, the Bathukamma songs echoed in the streets until night.

Bathukamma Flowers
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Bathukamma is a celebration of the deep-rooted relationship which human beings share with water and earth. During the whole week, women make a deity of Gowri, Durga Matha which is from earthly mud, called ‘Boddemma’ along with Bathukamma and dip it in the pond. This helps in strengthening the lakes and ponds and helps in preserving more water.

The Bathukamma flowers have an immense quality of purifying water in tanks and ponds and the flowers are Environment-friendly.

The festival represents the beauty of Nature, collective spirit of people in Telangana, the strong minded spirit of womenfolk and also the ecological spirit of the people in preserving the resources in a natural and festive way.

Important Details of Bathukamma Telangana