Largest Church in Asia – Medak Church

About Medak Church:

Medak Church is the most appreciated structure in Telangana. The Medak Cathedral is one among the biggest landmark of Medak which is tall and towering above the landscape of Medak. It is a very popular tourist attraction of Telangana state.

It is declared in 1924 to a religious purpose. In 1914, the Medak Church was built with the inspiration of was Christian Reverend (leader of Christian church) Charles Walker Posnett, who planted its foundation. It is built in an area of 1000 acres about 200 feet in length and 100 feet in width and with 5000 people seating capacity.

Medak Church

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The design of Medak Church Telangana reflects the Gothic revival style. The tiles of six different colours which are imported from Britain are graced to its walls. Its flooring is placed by masons of Italy which are brought from Bombay. The whole church is laid on huge gray pillars of stone.

Medak Church Interior:

The elaborated glasses windows which are stained are graced in the interiors of church represent stories from Jesus Life. The three amazing piece of art which is also popular as “gospel trilogy”. They are

  • The west transept Nativity
  • The east transept Crucifixion
  • The Ascension

Medak Church Interior

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The glass windows are the biggest tourist attractions for people who visit the Medhak Church. These glasses of pictures serve as book for people who cannot read. Each glass window has inscriptions written in Telugu, Hindi and English.

The average height of Medhak Cathedral tower, which is enthrones by Bell Tower is 175 ft and is the area’s tallest church height. Its height made the cause of Jealousy of Hyderabad Nizam where he wanted to see Charminar as the tallest structure. Hence, he was also tried to reduce the height of the cathedral.

It is made of pristine white granite; with this the church is the seat of Medak bishop of South India Church. It stands among the largest churches in complete region of Telangana. It is the Asia’s largest and world’s second largest after Vatican. It is also the largest and best India churches.

Medak church history:

Medak Church History

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In 1914, when the area was with famine, Reverend (leader of Christian church) Charles Walker Posnett launched the work programme for food. He also promised that he would serve food for people who involves in church building. This built a bond between the poor and the church.

This has church has huge number of devotees from Maharastra and Karnataka during Christmas. The beauty of the church increases during the celebrations of Christmas. It should be seen by every tourist which is a main part of history of Medak and its culture. Every year many devotees and tourists visit this place.

Medak Church Timings:

It is open for public prayer and visiting from 7 am to 6 pm everyday.

Medak church Sunday timings:

The morning service timings: 7 am

The general service timings:  9.30 am

Medak Church Location: Medak town, Telangana

Distance to Medak Church:

From Hyderabad to Medak church distance: 98 kms

From Medak Town bus stop: less than 1 km


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