Indian Passport – Emergency, ID, Surrender & LoC Permit Certificate

Emergency Certificate Passport

What can it be?

This is a one time travel certification issued to Indian citizens that are in a foreign country and will need to return to India on a crisis basis. The certification will be issued to applicants in the event of problems like lost, damaged or stolen passports when overseas. Emergency certificates are issued when a brand new passport endorsement in not allowed by India. This document is valid for a period of 1 month through which you ought to return to India.

The best way to apply for Emergency Certificate:

The only means to acquire an Emergency Certification is to apply in person at the Indian consulate. The consulate government will conduct a private interview to examine and decide upon the request. The request can’t be made online, through email or some other manner except in one-on-one interview.


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What’s your Identity Certificate?

IC or Identity Certification is issued to the Tibetan refugees remaining in India. Together with the refugees from Tibet, stateless people can also apply for your IC (Identity Certification) in the Regional Passport Office. They need to apply under the authority of the resident at the moment.

The Identity Certification issuance is matter to Acquire clearance from the Ministry of External Affairs (Consular Passport and Visa) CPV Division). In Additional to this, clearance can be required in the State Government (Home Affairs Department /Police Department) and also FRRO for its grant of “No Objection to Return to India” (NORI) for stamped on the IC (Identity Certification).

Where to submit the Identity Certificate Application Form?

To be able to this locate the application form for your Identity Certification, you’ll need to visit the official site of Passport Seva Service. Log on to and get the passport application form to your Identity Certificate.

What’s the validity of this Identity Certificate?

The identification certificate is valid for a period of ten years.

Any fees associated with the identity certificate?

To find out more about the particulars and the fee related to the Identity Certificate, you have to log into the official site of Passport Seva Service and click the “Fee Calculator”.

Passport Surrender Certificate

What can it be?

The surrender certificate is issues to passport holders to ensure their passports are cancelled. This is principally done by men and women preferring to forego their citizenship in favour of a foreign citizenship. Aside from these passport holders, official/diplomatic passport holders, diplomatic/official passport holders additionally submit an application for surrender certificates due to their diplomatic/official/ordinary passports. In the event of obtaining a new citizenship, then it’s very important that you concede your Indian passport in 90 days of Naturalization in a brand new nation.

Who can apply?

Obtaining a Surrender certificate entails a couple of straight forward steps and requires a fee for people seeking to forego Indian citizenship. Just like other types of applicants like diplomatic passport holders, this procedure involves visiting a passport office in person and just then requesting a Surrender certification.

What are the charges and documentation requirements for surrender certificates?

The charges are split for two types of applicants.

  • People who obtained foreign citizenship before 1st June 2010: Rs. 500
  • People who obtained foreign citizenship or after 1st June 2010: Rs. 5,000
  • Concerning documents, you need to submit the following:
  • Initial Passport
  • Foreign Nationality proof

How to apply for Surrender Certificate?

The procedure can be performed both online and in person.


  • To begin the Internet procedure,
  • First, you have to enrol using the Passport Seva portal site.
  • As soon as you get your Login ID and password, then login into your account on the portal site.
  • Next, click the “Apply for Indices Certificate” link to the page.
  • You’ll be led to a page that will ask for a few specifics.
  • Fill out this form and submit it.
  • On the next page, click the “View/Print Submitted Form” link and then print the application form.
  • Submit this form together with related documents in the passport office connected to your existing address.


You are able to apply to the identical offline by booking a consultation together with the passport office and then finishing the statutes as instructed by the authorities.


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LOC Certificate

What’s the LoC Permit?

RPO Jammu and RPO Srinagar issue LoC Permits for its inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir that wish to see their near relatives who reside across the LoC (Line of Control). This license is issued to the people for legitimate reasons like attending somebody’s wedding. In precisely the exact same manner, Pakistan Administered Kashmir (PAK) government may also issue such LoC Permits into the natives of Jammu and Kashmir remaining in their side of the Line of Control.

Where to locate the LoC license application form?

The application form for your LoC License could be downloaded from the official site of Passport Seva support. All that one should do is log on to this site and also download the form. Print upon download.


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Can there be any charge for the Line of Contro Permit?

It’s free of charge.

What files are required for the Line of Control Permit?

After you submit the LoC license application after completing after completing this properly with black ink or blue ink, then you’ll need to attach a couple more files with it.

These records are as follows:

  • Proof ofDOB (Date of Birth): Any on document
  • Passport
  • M.C. or T.A.C. Certificate
  • Annexure A for the applicants who are illiterate
  • Certificate of Matriculation attested by a Gazetted Officer
  • Address Proof in India: Any one document
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Electricity Bill
  • Mobile phone bill or telephone bill
  • Identity Certificate issued by the Election Commission of India
  • Certificate of State Subject attested by a Gazetted Officer

I’ve got a baby who wants to journey with me on another side of the Line of Control. Can I need another license for her/him?

In case you have an infant with you personally and she/he is travelling with you to another side of the LoC, you will need a separate permit for your baby. You and the baby can’t travel together unless you’ve got different Line of Control Permits.

Where do I submit the Line of Control application form?

So as to submit a Line of Control application along with the other required files, an Individual must go to the Jammu Passport Office or the Srinagar Passport Office.

Alternatively, an individual can visit the SSP CID (CB) to perform this through branch offices.

Is Police Verification required?

RPO Srinagar and RPO Jammu issue LoC Permits for its inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir that Wish to see their near relatives who reside across the LoC (Line of Control). This license is issued to the people for legitimate reasons like attending somebody’s wedding. In precisely the exact same manner, PAK (Pakistan Administrated Kashmir) government may also issue such LoC Permits into the natives of Jammu and Kashmir remaining in their side of the Line of Control. These patrons are issues following the Information Regarding the applicant is verified from the CID (Criminal Investigation Department) and SIB (Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau).

The identities of the applicant’s relatives remaining in Pakistan Administered Kashmir are also confirmed on the petition of the RPO. At the Exact Same way, Pakistan Administered Kashmir police also send requests to RPO of Srinagar or RPO of Jammu for its identification confirmation of Indians remaining on the Indian side of the Line of Control. Afterward RPOs send the enquiries to Criminal Investigation Department or Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau for necessary confirmation. Thus, Pakistan Administered Kashmir police issue the licenses for those who cleared the confirmation round completed by Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau or Criminal Investigation Department.

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