Laknavaram Lake, Warangal

Laknavaram Lake – Telangana State Picturesque Charmer

Laknavaram Lake is one of the best tourist spots of Warangal, Telangana and for nature loving tourists it feels like heaven, it is situated near Govindaraopet village at a distance of 6 kilometers. It is covered with elegant heavy forests. Laknavaram Lake is also known as Laknavaram Cheruvu.


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History of Laknavaram Lake:

In the 13th century under the rule of Kakatiyaas, it was first recognized and they established it for the purpose of storing rainwater for future usage by the people. So, Laknavaram Cheruvu is utilizing for agriculture grasslands, irrigation projects and for many more other purposes. The Kakatiya rulers had constructed a sliding gate at the time of their kingdom in order to store the rainwater and should use for the future purpose.

Laknavaram Lake Tourism:

Laknavaram Lake is an ultimate tourist destination place in the Telangana State. Laknavaram Cheruvu is established between the wide ranges of Village of Govindaraopet Mountains with an area of 10,000 acres. It is surrounded by thirteen pleasant Isles with the floating of water meadows. In those 13 Isles hanging bridge is connected with 2 Isles. Currently, the State Tourism Department is renovating as a tourist spot and planning other different renovating plans in order to add value for an ancient lake. Some of the renovating plans like to increase many footfalls State Tourism Department is planning to make constructing a road with metal and other innovations which makes you feel like a famous destination for a picnic.


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Laknavaram Lake Nature Beauty:

Laknavaram Lake is best tourist destination spot which is best suitable for the people who choose peace, free traffic, no hurry and no busy environment of city life and silent environment. It is surrounded with a unique location and tourists can afford the Laknavaram Cheruvu attraction. The Laknavaram Cheruvu surrounded with water meadows with heavy green grasslands and the weather of the sky will be blue feel to write a poem. It is place where our mind looks for the solutions to refresh our soul.

Location of Laknavaram Lake:

The Laknavaram Lake located near Warangal city with a distance of 70 Kilo Meters and the Mulugu town the nearest place for the Laknavaram Cheruvu with a distance of 30 Kilometers. On the metal road with a right turn from the village of Chavai which passes through the village of Bussapuris is the first place of perfect water meadows.

Renovation of Laknavaram Lake by State Tourism Department:

In order to provide enjoyment for the tourists the State Tourism Department is offering the facilities of boating, for closer observation of the Isles surrounding the department is offering a ride on the serene waters, in the process of launching for the entertainment of tourists. To observe the heavy growth grasslands and trying to reveals the secrets hidden within which is really makes us to feel thrill and excitement of the Laknavaram Cheruvu trip.


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In the season of Monsoon, tourists will feel bit difficult because of overflow of rain water. But, at other times it is surely an amazing and attractive tourist destination spot.

Laknavaram Lake Special Attractions:

  • Perfect Local Setting
  • Walking between Laknavaram Lake Bridge which is connected by 2 Isles.

Laknavaram Lake nearby Attractions:

  • Samakka Sarakka Jatara in Village of Medaram
  • The Ramappa Temple and the Ramappa Lake located in Warangal

Laknavaram Lake Other Facilities:

To enjoy the pleasant rides on the boat boating facility is also available at the Lakhnavaram Cheruvu.


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Laknavaram Lake Distance from nearby places:

  • Laknavaram Lake is located from City of Warangal (via Mulugu road) at a distance of 70 Kilo meters per 100 to 120 min driving by car.
  • Laknavaram Lake is located from City of Karimnagar at a distance of 100 Kilo meters per 3 hours driving by car.
  • Laknavaram Lake is located from City of Hyderabad at a distance of 205 Kilo meters per 4 to 4.5 hrs driving by car.

Public Transport to travel to Laknavaram Lake:

To travel to Laknavaram Lake Buses are available from Warangal Bus Stand Hanamkonda Bus Stand,

Laknavaram Lake Food Facilities:

It is better to carry food items from city of Warangal (or) Mulugu road in order to to enjoy nature of Laknavaram Lake without feeling hungry. Only Snack items, Tea & Water bottles are available near Laknavaram Cheruvu selling by few sellers.


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Laknavaram Lake Contact Numbers:

You can contact to the State Tourism Department Contact number 040 2345 0444, 1800 4254 5454 and Warangal Tourism Officer Contact number 0870 245 9201.