DEO – District Education Officer of AP and Telangana

About DEO

A DEO (District Education Officer) has a major role in organizing and managing education. His responsibility is to monitor the educational, legal and administrative activities for District schools under the Education Department of State Governments. In each district, there are two DEO offices. They monitor government and private schools of each Mandal under the district serving lakhs of students.

The two District education officer offices in each district are

  1. DEO (SE) or District Education Office (Secondary Education)
  2. DEO (EE) or District Education Office (Elementary Education)

List of DEO Offices in Telangana

Here, you can get the list of District Education Officer details of the Telangana state as well as Andhra Pradesh State. Get the DEO details, Notifications, Transfers list and more information.

Telangana Andhra Pradesh
DEO Warangal DEO Kurnool
DEO Nalgonda DEO Chittoor
DEO Jagital  DEO East Godavari
DEO Khammam DEO Krishna
DEO Nizamabad DEO Anantapur
DEO Adilabad DEO Nellore
DEO Karimnagar DEO Kadapa
DEO Mahabubabad DEO Guntur 
DEO  Kamareddy  
DEO Medak  

Profile of DEO

Title of Job District Education Officer (DEO)
DEO Work Department District IV
DEO Classification Grade 17
DEO Reports to Chief Education Officer
Supervises District Office Staff and Principals of District IV

DEO Qualifications and Experience Required

Qualification for a District education officer Post:

  • A Master’s Degree in Education Administration. IOB Executive Diploma would make a benefit.
  • Plus Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Administration.
  • + five years Administration Experience or five years as Principal II.
  • Plus Teaching Certificate.

DEO Role and Responsibilities

  • A DEO works together with Chief Education Officer, Deputy Chief Education Officers, Permanent Secretary, and Deputy Permanent Secretary.
  • Collaborated work with Chief Education Officer to make sure and guarantee that the schools are administrated in a proper and well-organized manner.
  • Supervises and supports the District Schools and serves as a representative between schools and the Ministry of Education.

DEO Duties and Tasks

  • Monitors and manages the staff of DEO Office to make sure that district objectives are performed and fulfilled.
  • Visits each school at least twice in the term and provides general observation of instructions at schools to ensure that there is an effective programme delivery of instructions.
  • He/ She involves themselves on instructions which may give negative impact or general school operation by giving guidance and advice to confirm proper delivery of instruction in schools.
  • In order to ensure and confirm the quality system of the school, DEO advises principals on school administration matters by having proper communication and giving relevant support.
  • Reports the Chief Education Officer of issues of school and makes required recommendations for action to operate in an effective way.
  • Helps schools in getting the required curricula, materials of curriculum and various documents required in the planning and effective instruction delivery.
  • Organizes with the initiation for the development and appropriate delivery in-service and principals and staff orientation training programmes. In order to build the capacities to effectively manage instructions at schools.
  • Works with other team members to prepare the District Annual Budget by including the yearly activities. In order to make a clear understanding of what it needs to achieve.
  • Advises the Minister on required resources and other material school needs in order to confirm that all schools have necessary resources. In order to enhance the process which results in greater achievement of the student.
  • Prepares a record of school visits, annual progress, termly reports on the activities of the officer’s programme. And present to the Chief Education Officer for proper decision making.
  • Tackles support from other communities for more school development.
  • Performs other duties assigned by the Chief Education Officer and Permanent Secretary.

DEO Website Info:

AP DEO Toll Free Number: 1800 425 7462
Telangana DEO Toll-Free Number: 1800 425 7462
Address Info:
1st Floor, C – Block, Saifabad,
Hyderabad – 50004,

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