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Devi Cinemas: the history of its foundation

Devi Cineplex is one of the best examples of architectural excellence when it comes to movie halls. Situated in the heart of Chennai, Devi Cineplex is home to four movie theatres. They are Devi, Devi Paradise, Devi Bala and Devi Kala – all of which have been constructed in the same building, only on separate floors. All of these movie halls are very old, Devi Theatre and Devi Paradise being the oldest as they were opened in 1970. Devi Bala was opened in the year 1971, and Devi Kala was opened in November, in 1974.


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Each one of this theatre is equipped with comfortable seats, perfect air conditioning, low lighting which create a beautiful ambience for watching movies. The interiors are done tastefully, and every modern amenity is present. Two elevators sufficiently connect all the floors. The elevators have safety features like the alarm bell, emergency light, fireman switch, etc. and can accommodate 10 persons at one time. Devi Cineplex for the first time introduced the online system of reservation for valet parking and car parking facility.

Booking tickets at Devi Cineplex are super easy and can be done quickly from home. The ambiance in all of these halls is excellent. So you enjoy here with your friends or someone special.


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Devi Cinemas

This one is the first cinema hall in India to introduce Dolby sound system, providing the best quality of sound to its audience while watching movies. It also has terrific DTS sound system along with JBL amplifiers and speakers. Devi can accommodate 838 persons.

Devi Paradise

On Devi Cineplex’s third floor, Devi Paradise is situated. Devi Paradise allows 1047 persons to watch the movie in it at the same time. The hall has DTS Digital and DOLBY Digital Sound systems, the best in the market. Besides, there are best quality speakers and amplifiers in the hall as well.

People who love watching movies in 3D must visit Devi Bala for a fantastic experience. The 3D Dolby glasses allow you to have the best movie watching experience of your life. Colors are natural and vibrant, and the picture quality is perfect. These glasses cannot be used for outdoor activities. The seating capacity of Devi Bala is 308.


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Devi Kala

Devi Bala is situated on Devi Cineplex’s second floor. The movie hall is well equipped with JBL speakers, DTS sound system, smart stereo, and projection system with the latest technological features. There are 269 seats in total in Devi Kala.

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