Komaram Bheem Biography

About Komaram Bheem:

Komaram Bheem is known as the brave warrior of Telangana. He was a Gond (indigenous) tribal and was born on 22nd October. Komaram bheem birthplace was Jodeghat of Asifabad in Adilabad, a District of Telangana. The Gonds took a small part of the population as the area which was ruled by Chanda (Chandrapur) and Ballapur.

These tribes used to have little interaction with the exterior world. Komaram Bheem also had no exposure to the exterior world and was an uneducated man. In spite of these factors, he raised in an uprising movement against the Nizam cruelties and achieved a household name in the rescue movement of his people.About Komaram Bheem

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Komaram Bheem History:

In the Telangana Region’s History, the final phase of ruling of Asif Jahi in Hyderabad was obsence and cruel. The People of Hindu religion faced the impact of the violence from the Nizams. The Ruler discharged untold offences on the people. For unknown reasons, women were disgraced, men were harassed and taxes were increased to excessive levels. The change of names of Telangana region districts took place.

While growing, he observed many unjust practises. His heart shed tears for his people and the rebellion fire started burning within him. Komaram Bheem was inspired by Shaheed Bhagat Singh, who gave up his life for his motherland the other Gond leaders sacrifices. This inspiration provided him the proper motivation to revive the rebel within him. By this motivation, he gave the slogan “Jal, Jungle Jameen” which means the people living in the forests should have the full fledged rights on all the forest resources.

komaram bheem history

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In Komurambheem’s struggle, his weapons were his passion and deep resolve to achieve justice to his people. His primitive background couldn’t gather advanced weapons for him. He himself pushed forward with his strong resolution to bring an end to Nizam ruling. These were sufficient for the unsettling of Abdul Sattar, local Talukdar. By scaring to lose, Abdul Sattar approached Police for their support. In the year 1940, 90 well-armed policemen force attacked on komaram’s hideout. Komaram and his warriors group only used their primitive weapons like spears, muzzle loaders, lances, swords, bows and arrows and fought with a great resolve and marked a stamp in memories of Telangana History.

He suffered with fatal injuries and died in the battle on 18th October 1940. Till this day, his death is memorialized as a person who is seriously affected during his fought against the Nizams injustices and for the cause of his people. His bravery earned him the God like status and worshipped by many people. Komaram Bheem statue was built in the tank’s retaining wall, Tank Bund in Hyderabad.Statue of Komaram Bheem

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Komaram was a people’s leader. He took a step for his people liberation. This movement laid the seeds for the creation of separate Telangana State which was implemented in recent years. Therefore, he was admired as icon of Telangana Liberation Movement.

Komaram Bheem’s Statue was installed on Novemeber 1st 2012, which is celebrated as World Tribal Day. He was a true inspiration to all people of Telangana who fought for separate state of Telangana.



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