List of RTDC Hotels in Rajasthan

RTDC Hotels in Rajasthan – राजस्थान का होटल 

RTDC is serving tourist with its best accommodation in all major places in Rajasthan with hotels ranges from 1 Star to 3 Star & under Budget hotels of Rajasthan, India. Here, is the list of hotels in Rajasthan state get the details information on RTDC (Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation)Tourism services and hotels information.hotels in rajasthan

Hotel Anand Bhawan RSHCL, Hotel Barr, Hotel Bharatpur Forest Lodge, Hotel Chambal, Hotel Dhola Maru, Hotel Dholpur, Hotel Gangaur, Hotel Gavdi Talab, Hotel Ghoomar, Hotel Gokul, Hotel Jaipur RSHCL, Hotel Jhoomar Baori, Hotel Kajri, Hotel Khadim, Hotel Khasa Khoti RSHCL, Hotel Lake Palace, Hotel Meenal, Hotel Moomal, Hotel Panihari, Hotel Panna, Hotel Sam Dhani, Hotel Saras, Hotel Sarovar, Hotel Shikhar, Hotel Shilpi, Hotel Swagatam, Hotel Teej, Hotel Tiger Den, Hotel Vinayak

List of RTDC Hotels:

1. RTDC Hotel in JhunjhunuRTDC Hotel in Jhunjhunu

RTDC Hotel Address: Mandawa Circle, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, India
Contact number : 1592-238266, 07737989713
Email Id: rtdchotel@rtdc.in

2. RTDC Hotel Anand Bhawan in UdaipurRTDC Hotel Anand Bhawan in Udaipur

RTDC Hotel Anand Bhawan Address
Fateh Sagar Road,  Udaipur – 313 001 (India)
Contact Number:  +91-294-2523018 , 9928147218
Email Id: anandbhawan@rtdc.in

3. RTDC Hotel Castle Jhoomar Baori in RanthambhoreRTDC Hotel Castle Jhoomar Baori in Ranthambhore

RTDC Hotel Castle Jhoomar Baori Address
Ranthambhore Road, Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan, India
Contact Number: 07462-220495, 9928014191
Email Id: cjb@rtdc.in

4. RTDC Hotel Gavdi Talab in JhalawarRTDC Hotel Gavdi Talab in Jhalawar

2Star Hotel
RTDC Hotel Gavdi Address: Dak Bungalow Road, Jhalawar Rajasthan India
Contact Number :9414291934, 9414341934
Email Id: gavdi@rtdc.in

5. RTDC Hotel Gavri in UdaipurRTDC Hotel Gavri in Udaipur

2Star Hotel
RTDC Hotel Gavri Address:
Udaipur – Ahmedabad Road, Rikhabdeo
Rajasthan India
Contact number : 02907-230145, 9414163835
Email Id: gavri@rtdc.in

6. RTDC Hotel Ghoomar in JodhpurRTDC Hotel Ghoomar in Jodhpur

2Star Hotel
RTDC Hotel Ghoomar Address
High Court Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
Contact Number: 0291-2544010,25, 9414470430
Email Id: ghoomar@rtdc.in

7. RTDC Hotel Gokul in NathdwaraRTDC Hotel Gokul in Nathdwara

1star Hotel
RTDC Hotel Gokul Address
Near Lal Bagh, Nathdwara, Rajasthan India
Contact Number: 02953-230917, 09799729737
Email Id: gokul@rtdc.in

8. RTDC Hotel Haveli in FatehpurRTDC Hotel Haveli in Fatehpur

Budget Hotel
RTDC Hotel Haveli Address:
NH-11, Near SDM Court, Fatehpur, Rajasthan India
Contact number: 01571-230293, 9829789061
Email Id: haveli@rtdc.in

9. RTDC Hotel Jheel Tourist Village in JaipurRTDC Hotel Jheel Tourist Village in Jaipur

Budget Hotel
RTDC Hotel Jheel Tourist Village Address
Near Lake, Ramgarh (32 km.), Jaipur, Rajasthan India
Contact Number: 01426-214084, 9351550376
Email Id: jeeltouristvillage@rtdc.in

10. RTDC Hotel Kajri in UdaipurRTDC Hotel Kajri in Udaipur

2 Star Hotel
RTDC Hotel Kajri Address
Shastri Circle, Udaipur, Rajasthan India
Contact Number: 0294-2410501,50, 9414163316
Email Id: kajri@rtdc.in

11. RTDC Hotel Khadim in AjmerRTDC Hotel Khadim in Ajmer

RTDC Hotel Khadim Address
Civil Lines, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305001, India
Contact number: 0145-2627490,26, 08829078491
Email Id: khadim@rtdc.in

12. RTDC Hotel Khartal in BarmerRTDC Hotel Khartal in Barmer

RTDC Hotel Khartal Address
Near Circuit House, Barmer, Rajasthan India
Contact number: +91-9461595840
Email Id: khartal@rtdc.in

13. RTDC Hotel Khasa Kothi in JaipurRTDC Hotel Khasa Kothi in Jaipur

3 Star Hotel
RTDC Hotel Khasa Kothi Address :
M.I Road, Jaipur – 302 001,Rajasthan India
Contact Number: +91-141-2375151, 9414447326
Email Id: khasakothi@rtdc.in

14. RTDC Hotel Kurja in NagaurRTDC Hotel Kurja in Nagaur

1 Star Hotel
RTDC Hotel Kurja Address
Nagaur, Rajasthan India
Contact number : +91 9414145641
Email Id: kurja@rtdc.in

15. RTDC Hotel Chambal in KotaRTDC Hotel Chambal in Kota

1 Star Hotel
RTDC Hotel Chambal Address
Near Chatravilas Park,
Nayapura, Kota
Rajasthan India
Contact number : 0744-2326527, 8769154358
Email Id: chambal@rtdc.in

16. RTDC Hotel Chirmi in ChuruRTDC Hotel Chirmi in Churu

RTDC Hotel Chirmi Address
Near Housing Board Colony, Churu
Rajasthan India
Contact number : +91-1562256272
Email Id: chirmi@rtdc.in

17. RTDC Hotel Dhola Maru in BikanerRTDC Hotel Dhola Maru in Bikaner

RTDC Hotel Dhola Maru Address
Near Puran Singh Circle, Bikaner, Rajasthan India
Contact Number: 0151-2529621, 8107713979
Email id: dholamaru@rtdc.in

18. RTDC Hotel Gangaur in JaipurRTDC Hotel Gangaur in Jaipur

2Star Hotel
RTDC Hotel Gangaur Address
Near All India Radio Station, M.I Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan India
Contact Number: 0141-2371641,23 , 9460867667
Email id: gangaur@rtdc.in

19. RTDC Hotel Lake Palace in AlwarRTDC Hotel Lake Palace in Alwar

3 Star Hotel
RTDC Hotel Lake Palace Address
Siliserh Circle (Alwar – 4Kms), Siliserh, Rajasthan India
Contact Number: 09413351237, 94142 61237
Email Id: lakepalace@rtdc.in

20. RTDC Hotel Meenal in AlwarRTDC Hotel Meenal in Alwar

RTDC Hotel Meenal Address
Near Circuit House, Topping Circle, Alwar, Rajasthan India,
Contact Number: 0144-2347352, 09414261237
Email Id: meenal@rtdc.in

21. RTDC Hotel Saras in BharatpurRTDC Hotel Saras in Bharatpur

RTDC Hotel Saras Address
Saras Schoraha, Agra Road, Bharatpur, Rajasthan India
Contact Number: 05644-223790, +91 9875126330
Email Id: saras@rtdc.in

22. RTDC Hotel Panna in ChittorgarhRTDC Hotel Panna in Chittorgarh

RTDC Hotel Panna Address
Pratap Nagar Road, Near Railway Station, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan India
Contact Number: 01472-241238,24, 9928365880
Email id: panna@rtdc.in

23. RTDC Motel Dholpur in DholpurRTDC Motel Dholpur in Dholpur

1 Star Hotel
RTDC Motel Dholpur Address
Agra – Gwalior, NH, Dholpur, Rajasthan India
Contact Number : 05642-240006
Email id: Dholpur@rtdc.in

24. RTDC Hotel Moomal in JaisalmerRTDC Motel Dholpur in Dholpur

RTDC Hotel Moomal Address
Sam Road, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan India
Contact Number: 02992-252392, 9414430787
Email id : moomal@rtdc.in

25. RTDC Hotel Panihari in PaliRTDC Hotel Panihari in Pali

1 Star Hotel
RTDC Hotel Panihari Address
NH-14, Sumer Road, Pali, Rajasthan India
Contact Number: 07230015528, 99838 04999
Email id: panihari@rtdc.in

26. RTDC Hotel Sam Dhani in JaisalmerRTDC Hotel Sam Dhani in Jaisalmer

1 Star Hotel
RTDC Hotel Sam Dhani Address
40 km. from Jaisalmer City, Rajasthan India
Contact Number: 03014-207344, 9414430787
Email Id: samdhani@rtdc.in

27. RTDC Hotel Sarovar in PushkarRTDC Hotel Sarovar in Pushkar

3 Star Hotel
RTDC Hotel Sarovar Address
Near Pushkar Lake, Pushkar, Rajasthan India
Contact Number: 0145-2772040, 09587915150
Email id :sarovar@rtdc.in

28. RTDC Hotel Shikhar in Mount AbuRTDC Hotel Shikhar in Mount Abu

2 Star Hotel
RTDC Hotel Shikhar Address
Near Petrol Pump, Mount Abu, Rajasthan India
Contact  number : 02974-238944,23, 9413822433
Email id: shikhar@rtdc.in

29. RTDC Hotel Shilpi in RanakpurRTDC Hotel Shilpi in Ranakpur

1 Star Hotel
RTDC Hotel Shilpi Address
Near Jain Temple, Ranakpur, Rajasthan India
Contact Number :+91 7230015529, 7297047282
Email id: shilpi@rtdc.in

30. RTDC Hotel Swagatam in JaipurRTDC Hotel Swagatam in Jaipur

RTDC Hotel Swagatam Address
Opposite Railway Station, Jaipur, Rajasthan India
Contact Number:141-2206701,220, 9414030047/48
Email id: swagatam@rtdc.in

31. RTDC Hotel Teej in JaipurRTDC Hotel Teej in Jaipur

2 Star Hotel
RTDC Hotel Teej Address
Opp. Moti Mahal Cinema, Collectorate Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan India
Contact Number: 0141-2205482,22, 9928367578
Email Id: teej@rtdc.in

32. RTDC Hotel Tiger Den in SariskaRTDC Hotel Tiger Den in Sariska

3 Star Hotel

RTDC Hotel Tiger Den Address
Near Forest Rest House, Sariska, Rajasthan India
Contact Number :0144-2841342, 2, 9829192986
Email Id: tigerden@rtdc.in

33. RTDC Hotel Vinayak in RanthambhoreRTDC Hotel Vinayak in Ranthambhore

RTDC Hotel Vinayak Address
Ranthambore Road, Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan India
Contact Number :07462-221333,22, 9928014191
Email Id: vinayak@rtdc.in

Official Website : http://rtdc.tourism.rajasthan.gov.in/Client/HotelList.aspx