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About Passport Grievances & Feedback

Passport Grievances and Fееdbасk : The Consular, Passport and Visa sector which is also called as CPV sector of the Ministry of External Affairs has created an using an user friendly process by which passport holders can have some passport related grievances dealt with online.  Waiting queues to find advice that could provide clarity on request, standings etc of someone’s passport is nearly becoming a thing of the past.


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There’s also a brand new Appointment Availability Status checking instrument on the internet, which provides you with a particular period to meet officials in the Passport Office, making sure that no time is wasted on the part the general public, or even the Ministry.

The timely and effective clarification of passport associated grievances has been given high priority, also given the fact that the majority of grievances lead to a lack of previous knowledge, a huge knowledge database was made available on the internet by which tax payers can have some queries answered before raising a grievance.


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If, however, a grievance (or opinions) about whatever passport – related must be filled online, the internet form could be filled out using the directions given below:

The best way to complete the Internet grievance / comments enrollment form for passport associated topics:

Here is actually the very first area of the form where you’ll need to provide details that will assist the department address and find your specific grievance.


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Your Reference Number: This is a drop down menu which contains the following choices:

  • Application Reference Number
  • File Reference Number
  • Passport Number
  • No Passport Reference Number

In order to submit the grievance which you have selected the reference number through or an amount of reference which you have acquired for advanced interactions with the passport office

Passport Seva Kendra: Passport Seva Kendra is the office where you can visit nearby you which uses to recover your damaged passport.


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The next part of the form should contain private details about the applicant as stated below:

Applicant Title: The title, because it appears on the passport has to be entered.

Date of Birth: The date of Birth of the offender, since it appears in the passport, has to be entered in the DD / MM / YYYY format.

Present Address: The mailing address of the applicant’s present residence has to be entered. Don’t be the permanent address as stated in the passport.

Mobile / Landline Amount: This is not compulsory field, but demands a cellular or landline phone to be input by that the passport office can contact you.

Email: This is a compulsory field which needs you to supply your email ID.


The next and last area of the internet grievance entry tool must contain details regarding the form and character of grievance / options.

In the event the candidate wants to solve his or her question offline and on the telephone, the Passport Office operates a toll-free National Call Centre.

The call centre operates in around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Citizens can get the call centers in 17 Indian Languages.

A huge database of data can be retrieved via the IVR center or straight via a CCE.

Doubts vould be described and grievances could be addressed.

If there’s a issue with the call center or even the CCE etc. Complaints could be done via the internet portal.

Mobile mpassport Seva App:

The passport office has also released a program round the iOS, Android, Window OS, and Blackberry OS Platforms.

The best way to monitor the status and advancement of the Passport Applications

The app is a very helpful tool to learn advice to clear doubt regarding all of passport related questions.


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Upon paying a one-time enrolment charge of Rs. 30 in the closest PSK (Passport Seva Kendra), tax payers have access to a SMS query respondent support. Status of this passport program could be heard by sending an SMS to 9704100100 using another format:

<STATUS><space><file number>, that would seem such as: STATUS BNG123456789012.

CPGRAMS Central Public Grievance Redress and Tacking System:

Any grievances may also be increased via the CPGRAMS Portal site and also the status can be monitored online.

 Public Grievance Cell:

The head of the Passport Office oversees the Public Grievance Cell from the Consular, Passport and Visa (CPV). Grievances of all and opinions received over phone articles and email are dealt with in this section. For immediate solution you can mail ID to passport

Direct Public Interference:

Passport holders can visit nearby Passport Office in order to enquire the status of their passport, you can submit your records and if you have any queries you can clear your doubts across 10: AM to 1: 00 PM, applicants can visit nearby Passport Office and can ask concerning the status of their requests, submit their records and ask clarifications on several areas of the passport creating procedure. Enquiry Counter department or IFC (Information Facilitation Centre) is the centers where we can perform the actions.


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Passport Adalats:

Sophisticated instances and the ones which were around for a long time period can be taken farther at adalats, which can be arranged at regular intervals from the Passport Office.

To be able to permit the applicant to monitor the status of the grievance submitted, there’s an Internet tool that requires at least among the following advice:

Service Request Number: After you submit your petition, you’ll be assigned a request number that can subsequently be employed to monitor its own progress and establish the situation in query if interacting with the Passport Office.

Service Request Number: If you don’t have a Service Request Number, application Reference Number can perform.

Application Reference Number: In case you don’t know that the Service Request Number or the Program Request Number, you can input the File Number.

Passport Number: When none of the before mentioned reference numbers can be found, enter your passport number to check the status of service requests put through that specific Passport Number.

Data of Birth: Along with one of the above mentioned reference number amounts, you should also enter your date of birth.

In the event the passport was lost / misplaced / stolen:

The very first step in the event your passport was stolen is to notify the nearest police station or Passport Office. The Passport Office will instantly enrol your passport was discharged and notify the essential authorities to make sure it isn’t misused. After that you can apply for a brand new one.

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