Chitragupta Temple in Hyderabad

Chitragupta Swamy Temple:

The Chitragupta Temple is dedicated to Chief Accountant of Yama. This temple is located in Hyderabad Old City. A Question may rise to you,” Who is Chitragupta?”  Here is the answer – Yama’s Chief Accountant, Chitragupta is person who maintains all the records and evidences of good and bad of one’s living.

“Chitragupta Mahadeva Devalayam” is located in Chatrinaka near to Uppuguda Railway Station in Old City of Hyderabad. This is the only temple for “Chitragupta” in Telangana State. There are few temples of Chitragupta in India.

Chitragupta Temple Hyderabad:

Chitragupta Swamy
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This temple is built in early 18th Century and has more than 200 years’ old. Kayasths, who believe Chitragupta as their “Kula Devatha” built this temple. During Qutub Shahis rule, Kayasths used to work as Prime Ministers, Finance Ministers and other higher official categories.

Maharaja Kishan Pershad and Maharaja Chandulal are some of the main people of Hyderabad of Kayasths. The idols of Chitragupta can be found along with his consorts Dakshini and Iravati in the temple. “Chitra gupta” has 12 sons. They are Srivastav, Nigam, Suryadwhaj, Kulashresta, Garg, Saxena, Mathur, Gaud, Ambasht, Asthana, Valmiki and Bhatnagar.

Chitragupta Temple
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Formerly, there used to be series of idols, “Utsava Vigrahalu” which are made of “Panchola” and were looted few decades ago. Many people visit this temple to seek blessings and to get rid of their Doshas. He is devoted by performing “Abhishekam” daily and on Wednesdays; special Chitragupta Puja is performed for those people who are affected by “Ketu Graha Dosha”.

The temple is located in Uppuguda Hyderabad. You can visit this temple by reaching Uppuguda MMTS Railway Station and you can go to the temple by 5 min walk.


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