Gatimaan Express

About Gatimaan Express:

In India, Gatimaan express is the fastest train. It is the most luxurious train ever. It mainly covers almost 188 km in 100 minutes which is just amazing. The Gatimaan express route gives an excellent business to the service provider because of its popularity. It helps the passengers to travel between two big cities Delhi and Agra. It starts its journey from the Delhi railway station which is known as Hazrat Nizamuddin and ends at the Agra Cant station located in Agra. This superfast train service was first launched in April 2016. Within a short period, it has become a viral medium of journey among the passengers for its incredible services.

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Gatimaan express is the best medium of travel for those who want to explore the historical Mughal cities. Earlier the journey from Delhi to Agra was too much time taking. Gatimaan has made it very easy and fast for the travelers. The Gatimaan express speed is the main attraction of this service.  It is about 160km/hr. The facilities including the beautiful decor of the train, fabulous service and delicious meals make the journey memorable.

Something more about the train:

The combination of grey and blue color along with a bright yellow stripe on it gives an attractive look. It has 10 beautifully designed coaches. The Gatimaan express has two restaurants to offer the sumptuous meal to the passengers. You can also pre book your meal at the time of booking. The Gatimaan express train number is 12050. It indicates the fastest service to the passengers.

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Timing of the train:

This train is available in all the days in a week except Friday. It starts from Hazrat Nizamuddin station at 8:10 am and reaches Agra at 9:50 am. The train returns in the same day. In that case, it starts from Agra Cant at 5:50 pm and reaches Delhi railway station by 7:30 pm. Two different executive AC chair car coaches along with 8 general AC chair car coaches are available in Gatimaan Express.

 12049  Gatimaan Express  Agra Cantt. Hazrat Nizamuddin Route   12050  Gatimaan Express  Hazrat Nizamuddin Route   Agra Cantt.
Code Station Name Arrives Departs Code Station Name Arrives Departs
AGC Agra Cantt.»   17:50 NZM

Hazrat Nizamuddin»

RKM Raja Ki Mandi 17:52 17:52 OKAC Okhla Bypass B Cabin 08:11 08:11
BFP Bilochpura Agra 17:53 17:53 OKA Okhla 08:12 08:12
RNKA Runkuta 17:58 17:58 TKEC Tuglakabad East Cabin 08:14 08:14
KXM Kitham 18:03 18:03 TKD Tuglakabad 08:16 08:16
DDDM Deen Dayal Dham 18:07 18:07 TKDC Tughlakabad Cabin 08:18 08:18
FHT Farah Town 18:07 18:07 FDB Faridabad 08:21 08:21
FAR Farah 18:09 18:09 FDN Faridabad New Town 08:23 08:23
BAD Baad 18:13 18:13 BVH Ballabh Garh 08:25 08:25
MTJ Mathura Junction 18:19 18:19 PYLA Piyala Block Hut 08:29 08:29
BTSR Bhuteshwar 18:20 18:20 AST Asaoti 08:31 08:31
VRBD Vrindaban Road 18:24 18:24 PWL Palwal 08:37 08:37
AJH Ajhai 18:30 18:30 RDE Rundhi 08:42 08:42
CHJ Chata 18:35 18:35 SHLK Sholaka 08:47 08:47
KSV Kosi Kalan 18:41 18:41 BNCR Banchari 08:49 08:49
HDL Hodal 18:47 18:47 HDL Hodal 08:53 08:53
BNCR Banchari 18:51 18:51 KSV Kosi Kalan 08:59 08:59
SHLK Sholaka 18:53 18:53 CHJ Chata 09:05 09:05
RDE Rundhi 18:58 18:58 AJH Ajhai 09:10 09:10
PWL Palwal 19:03 19:03 VRBD Vrindaban Road 09:16 09:16
AST Asaoti 19:09 19:09 BTSR Bhuteshwar 09:20 09:20
PYLA Piyala Block Hut 19:11 19:11 MTJ Mathura Junction 09:21 09:21
BVH Ballabh Garh 19:15 19:15 BAD Baad 09:27 09:27
FDN Faridabad New Town 19:17 19:17 FAR Farah 09:31 09:31
FDB Faridabad 19:19 19:19 FHT Farah Town 09:33 09:33
TKDC Tughlakabad Cabin 19:22 19:22 DDDM Deen Dayal Dham 09:33 09:33
TKD Tuglakabad 19:24 19:24 KXM Kitham 09:37 09:37
TKEC Tuglakabad East Cabin 19:26 19:26 RNKA Runkuta 09:42 09:42
OKA Okhla 19:28 19:28 BFP Bilochpura Agra 09:47 09:47
OKAC Okhla Bypass B Cabin 19:29 19:29 RKM Raja Ki Mandi 09:48 09:48
NZM Hazrat Nizamuddin• 19:30   AGC Agra Cantt.• 09:50  


Attractive facilities available here:

Though the Gatimaan Express fare is little high, it suits the services available here. This train is having an automatic fire alarm and sliding doors. LCD screen of 8 inches is free with every seat. Free wi-fi is also available. Bio-toilets are there too. At least two hostesses are always there to help you with every coach. It is indeed a wonderful experience to travel in Gatimaan express.

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Gatimaan Express of 12049 / 12050 Features

Train details Facilities Onboard
Travel Time: 1h 40m
Halts: 0
Distance: 188km
Avg Speed: 113km/hr
Cleanliness: Excellent
Punctuality: Excellent
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Excellent
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes
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