Konark Express

About Konark Express:

Trains are the best mode of transport to go from one place to another. The train fare is also suitable for everyone. There are thousands of rail routes throughout India. Konark Express is one of the most popular trains in our country. The name of the train, Konark Express has been driven from the historical Konark Temple of Odisha. The Konark express train route is from Bhubaneshwar to Secunderabad. It is the primary way of transport for travelers who want to transport between these two cities. It started its journey for the first time in 1978. This service was first introduced by Mr. Madhu Dandavate.  The Konark Express train Number is 11019/11020.

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The speed of Konark Express:

Konark express reaches the station of Secunderabad in a short period after leaving from Bhubaneshwar. It is one of the superfast expresses. Konark express speed is approximately 51 km/hr. This train runs daily to give the ultimate service to the passengers. It saves a lot of time with its maximum speed. It takes about 37 hours to cover the distance between two cities.

The route of Konark Express:

Konark express covers a long path to reach its destination. In between its journey, it halts in a few places. The places in which the train, Konark Express stops are Dadar, Lonavala, Daund, Kalyan, Pune, Solapur, Tandur, Kazipet, Mahbubabad, Rajahmundry, Warangal, Visakhapatnam, Palasa, etc. The total distance covered by Konark Express is almost 1932 km.

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Some of the services offered by this train:

Konark Express is such a train which can impress the travelers with its fabulous service. The interior of the train is remarkably good. There is a pantry with good catering facility in Konark Express. The cost of the meal is not incorporated in the Konark Express train fare.  You have to pay an additional price to enjoy the meal facility on the train. The quality of food in this pantry is outstanding. You can order as per your wish. All kinds of foods are available here.

The train has different classes to make your journey comfortable as per your budget. The train has a general coach, sleeper coach, AC 2 tier and three-tier coaches. The ICF windows will help you to enjoy the scenic beauty. You can put your luggage under your seat. It is completely safe. To avoid the hassle of your journey book the ticket in advance as Konark Express is a demanding train.

Konark Express Coach Composition

There are total 23 coach compositions which are maintained by the zones of Central Railways and East Coast Railways. The following are the division of Coaches details:

  • 1 AC 2 Tier
  • 5 AC 3 Tier
  • 12 Non AC Sleeper
  • 1 Pantry Car
  • 2 Unreserved
  • 2 Break Cum Guard Vans

Konark Express Timing & Distance

In 37 hrs and 15 Min, it covers a distance of 1932 Kilometres and it departs from Mumbai (CST) at 15:10 PM and arrives on the 3rd day to Bhubaneshwar at 04:05 AM.

Konark Express (11019) Average Train Ticket Cost

  • For the 2nd AC Compartment, it costs approximately Rs. 2765
  • For the 3rd AC Compartment, it costs approximately Rs. 1880
  • For Sleeper Class, it costs approximately Rs. 700

Tatkal Costs on the Train are

  • For the 2nd AC Compartment, it costs approximately Rs. 3290
  • For the 3rd AC Compartment, it costs approximately Rs. 2295
  • For Sleeper Class, it costs approximately Rs. 900

Konark Express (11019) Mumbai to Bhubaneshwar Train Schedule, Time table

No. Station name (code) Arrives Departs
1 Mumbai Cst (CSTM) Starts 15:10
2 Dadar (DR) 15:23 15:25
3 Kalyan Junction (KYN) 16:06 16:08
4 Karjat (KJT) 16:48 16:50
5 Lonavala (LNL) 17:38 17:40
6 Pune Junction (PUNE) 19:00 19:05
7 Daund Junction (DD) 20:35 20:40
8 Solapur Junction (SUR) 00:15 00:25
9 Gulbarga (GR) 02:31 02:33
10 Wadi (WADI) 03:55 04:00
11 Seram (SEM) 04:24 04:25
12 Tandur (TDU) 04:48 04:50
13 Begampet (BMT) 07:00 07:02
14 Secunderabad Junction (SC) 07:45 08:00
15 Kazipet Junction (KZJ) 10:10 10:20
16 Warangal (WL) 10:28 10:30
17 Mahbubabad (MABD) 11:26 11:28
18 Khammam (KMT) 11:55 11:57
19 Madhira (MDR) 12:20 12:22
20 Vijayawada Junction (BZA) 14:00 14:20
21 Eluru (EE) 15:07 15:09
22 Tadepalligudem (TDD) 15:38 15:40
23 Nidadavolu Junction (NDD) 15:58 16:00
24 Rajamundry (RJY) 16:39 16:41
25 Samalkot Junction (SLO) 17:18 17:20
26 Tuni (TUNI) 17:57 17:59
27 Anakapalle (AKP) 18:48 18:50
28 Vishakapatnam (VSKP) 21:00 21:20
29 Vizianagram Junction (VZM) 22:15 22:20
30 Srikakulam Road (CHE) 23:13 23:15
31 Palasa (PSA) 00:20 00:22
32 Sompeta (SPT) 00:45 00:47
33 Ichchpuram (IPM) 01:02 01:04
34 Brahmapur (BAM) 01:25 01:30
35 Chatrapur (CAP) 01:48 01:50
36 Balugan (BALU) 02:33 02:35
37 Khurda Road Junction (KUR) 03:50 03:55
38 Bhubaneswar (BBS) 04:25 Ends

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