Thar Desert – The Great Indian Desert.

Thar Desert also known as Great Indian Desert. In the Indian Sub-continent of Northwest region it is a Dry place. It covers the 2,00,000 kms of area and the boundary of Indian and Pakistan countries. Thar is a 18th largest desert in the world and in the subtropical list placed 9th place from all over the world.

The Thar Desert is located in 2 countries as 85% of area is in Indian and area of 15% is in Pakistan. Almost 60% of desert lies in Rajasthan state and it extended to Punjab, Gujarat and Haryana states.

Thar Desert Location:

The Thar covers the Bikaner, Barmer, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer cities of the Rajasthan state. In the desert having the sand under the feet and the tourist people finds the powdery sand of That Desert. They get an amazing experience of Majestic Thar Desert. It extended to Aravalli hills placed in North-East place and river named Luni River is integrated to the That desert. The salty water included to the villages of Rajasthan like Kuchaman, Sambhar and Didwana and In Gujarat’s Kharaghoda village.

Thar Desert Protected Areas:

Many protected areas are there in the Thar Desert, here is the list of those places.

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In India:

  • The Thar Desert ecosystem is represented by Desert National Park and it covering 3,162 km. The Various animals and birds like blackbuck, wolf, Bengal fox and fox, great Indian bustard, chinkara, and caracal. Petrified trees in the park represent the geographical history of the That desert.
  • Tal Chhapar Sanctuary is a Bird Area and it covering 7km. It is located in Jaipur, Churu District. This place having the large population of caracal, blackbuck and fox.
  • In Jalore district, Sundha Mata Temple covering 117.49 km.

The Indian Army begins the war in the Thar desert. In Pokhran Rajasthan, the Indian government conducted the nuclear test in 1998. The test was named by ‘Operation Shakti‘ and it is the 5th nuclear test conducted by the Indian government.

In Pakistan:

  • Rann of Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Nara Desert Wildlife Sanctuary

The Thar Desert Culture:

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We can saw the culture of the desert is more colorful in their music and folk dance. They wear the traditional dresses and jewels. The special attractions of Thar region are their Desert food, sand dunes, people from the desert and their language. The Thar desert is a heritage state. Tourist person can enjoy the Local dance of Thar desert.

Thar Desert Villages and Tribes:

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The desert is with the people of Bhils, Galatians, Rabaris, Gypsy, Lohras, Bishnoi Tribe, Minas ,Sahariyas and many other tribes of Rajasthan. Those all people are lives in Khuri, Sattasar, kanoi villages and sand dunes cities. Bishnoi village is protection of wildlife and nature and it is most popular compare to other villages. Here tourist people can saw animals like chinkara, desert foxes, black bucks and more. In the desert you can find Herbaceous plants and Khejri plants.

Thar Desert Animals and Birds:

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In the Thar desert you can find rare animals like reptiles, scorpions of desert, red fox, Wild ass, wolf, mongoosee, caracal and chinkara. The desert also includes the variety of Birds like buzzards, tawny eagles, spotted eagles, kestrels, harries and you can find a variety of desert birds. Those all are the most attracted birds to the Thar desert.

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Thar Desert Camel Safari:

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The desert is famous for Jeep safari, Camel safari and Desert safari. Camel Safari is more popular than the Jeep safari. Through the Camel safari we can visit the Jaisalmer place. It is a most special attracted place in fort their you can also find Fort.

Thar Desert Festivals:

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For every year, The Rajasthan desert people are oraganizing the local festival in winter season. In the time of festival you can see folk dancing and songs singing and also you can see Rajasthan folk culture with coloful, snake charmers, puppeteers, craftsare and art is the special attraction in the desert festival.

National Parks in Thar Desert:

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In Thar desert area you can find 11 national parks and also a wildlife sanctuary. In those parks, Nara Desert Wildlife Sanctuary Park and also Rann of Kutch are the Largest in the Thar desert. The remaining wildlife parks are like Desert National Park, Wildlife Ass Sanctuary, Tal Chhapar and more parks also famous in Desert. In Desert National Park you can find small ponds and lakes, having a fun on swimming in that places and their you can also find 180 millions years of plants and animals.

Few Facts of Thar Desert:

  • The desert is placed as world’s 18th largest desert in the subtropical list with the area of 2,00,000 km.
  • The Thar desert is a world’s topmost heavily populated desert.
  • In the Thar desert, 40% of Rajasthan state people lives here.
  • The Maximum temperature of Thar resort is 41 Degrees centigrade in summer and in winter minimum temperature is 7 degree centigrade.
  • The people getting water from the Ghaggar and Luni river only. It is the only place for a water source for the desert people.

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