12343 / 12344 Darjeeling mail


About Darjeeling mail:

Darjeeling mail is the prestigious train of Eastern Railways. This train has been continuously providing its excellent service from before Independence. It is one of the oldest trains in India. The Darjeeling mail route is Kolkata to Jalpaiguri. It connects Siliguri and Haldibari with Kolkata.

The speed of Darjeeling mail:

It is a superfast express train. The Darjeeling mail speed is 65 kph in average. The highest speed of the train is 110kph. It usually runs at an acceleration of 80-105 kph. It started its journey in 1879. Now it has become the most popular train for North Bengal. The Darjeeling mail train number is 12344/12343.

12343-12344-Darjeeling mail
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The route of Darjeeling Mail:

It covers a long distance. It starts its journey from Sealdah station and ends at New Jalpaiguri Station. The total length in between the two stations is about 567 km. It is the most comfortable mode of transport to reach the Himalayas. It has few main stops. Some of the crucial halts of Darjeeling Mail include Bardhaman Junction, Bolpur Shantineketan, Malda Town, and Kishanganj. In its route, it crosses the Farakka Barrage which has a historical significance. Eastern Railway is planning to run Darjeeling Mail in a new route. The finalisation of the proposal is still under process.

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Some of the facilities available here in this train:

This train gives terrific services to its customers for a long time. Darjeeling Mail has mainly 5 types of seats. The This train has 6 general coaches, 9 sleeper coaches, 7 3rd AC sleeper coaches, 2 2nd AC sleeper coaches and 1 Ac 1st class coach. It provides AC blankets, bed sheets, pillow, and towel. But there is no pantry in this train. You have to purchase the food items as per your choice from the stations.

This train is available in all the days of the week. You can book the tickets two months earlier to make it confirm. The tatkal facility is also there for an emergency purpose, but in that case, the price of the ticket will be high. You can also book the tickets of Darjeeling Mail online to save time. It will be good for you to track the train and know the latest update before you start the journey. It begins at 22:05 hrs from Sealdah station and reaches New Jalpaiguri station by 8 O’ clock. The beautiful decor of the train makes the journey more memorable for the passengers.

Timings of the Darjeeling mail:

  • This train takes almost one day to travel the distance between Sealdah Junction and New Jalpaiguri Junction.
  • The  Darjeeling mail has the number 12343 starts from Sealdah Junction at 10:05 hrs and reaches the Junction of New Jalpaiguri at 14:51 hrs next day.
  • Similarly, the other Darjeeling mail  which has the number 12344, starts from New Jalpaiguri Junction at 17:45 hrs and reaches the Junction of Sealdah at 06:00 hrs of the next day.
  • Some of the essential stations in this route are Kolkata Siliguri and Haldibari slip route etc
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12343 / 12344 – Darjeeling mail Fare:

The average Darjeeling mail fare of sleeper class (SA) is Rs.300. The tickets of third AC (TA) costs Rs. 791, for second AC (SA) the price is near about Rs. 1143  and for First AC (FA) the ticket price is Rs. 1941. In case of tatkal, all the prices are more than the usual fare.

Darjeeling mail On Board Sevices:


  • AC – 1 Tier (1)
  • AC – 2 Tier (2)
  • AC – 3 Tier (7)
  • Sleeper Class (9)
  • General (6)

12343 – Darjeeling mail, From Sealdah Junction (SDAH) to New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP), Time table, Schedule and Route.

Code Station Name Arrives Departs Platform No.
SDAH Sealdah  Starts 22:05 9B
BWN Barddhaman Junction 23:36 23:39 1
BHP Bolpur Shantiniketan 00:28 00:31 1
MLDT Malda Town 04:15 04:25 4
KNE KishanGanj 06:20 06:22 1
NJP New Jalpaiguri Junction 08:00 Ends  1, 1A


12344 – Darjeeling mail, From New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP) to Sealdah Junction (SDAH), Time table, Schedule and Route.

Code Station Name Arrives Departs Platform No.
HDB Haldibari  Starts 17:10 1
JPG Jalpaiguri 17:45 17:47 1
MOP Mohitnagar 17:55 17:56 1
RQJ Raninagar Jalpaiguri Junction 18:02 18:04 2
BLK Belakoba 18:14 18:15 1
ABFC Ambari Falakata 18:25 18:26 1
NJP New Jalpaiguri Junction 18:45 20:00 1
KNE KishanGanj 21:05 21:07 2
MLDT Malda Town 23:45 23:55 3
BHP Bolpur Shantiniketan 02:55 02:58 2
BWN Barddhaman Junction 04:08 04:11 5
SDAH Sealdah 06:00 Ends 9A,9B

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