22417 / 22418 Mahamana Express

About Mahamana Express:

Mahamana Express is one of the most popular trains in India. This service is an excellent service provided by Indian Railway. The name of the train was given to honor Mr. Madan Mohan Malaviya who was a great freedom fighter and also known as Mahamana. He was also an educationist and established Banaras Hindu University.

Mr. Madan Mohan Malaviya
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The first journey of Mahamana Express started in January 2016. The Mahamana Express route is Varanasi to Delhi. Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi flagged off the train for the first time. The train aims to give a comfortable and memorable service to the passengers while going from one city to another. It is really a great initiative. These excellent services indeed helped the passengers a lot to make the journey smooth.

The speed of Mahamana Express train:

Mahamana Express is a super fast train. It covers a long distance between Varanasi and Delhi in a very short period. The Mahamana Express train speed is approximately 110 km/hr. This high-speed facility was very much needed for the connection between two big cities. The Mahamana Express train number is 22417 / 22418.

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Few unique services provided by this train:

This train is a model train. This train has some unique facilities to impress the travellers while they are travelling. The coaches of this train are entirely different from the others. To enjoy a royal experience of travelling, you must travel in Mahamana Express once.

 Some of the facilities are as follows:

  • The bathroom of this train is decorated with a big mirror, wash basin, Exhaust fan, controlled water tap, LED lights. For the first time in any train, you can use bio toilet.
  • Reaching the upper berth is always a problematic thing. But here in Mahamana Express, it is no more an issue. There is a big ladder to climb up.
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  • Now the passengers of the side birth can also have the facility of snacks table. There is a particular arrangement for the passengers of lower berth also.
  • The unique and modernized window of the train will undoubtedly increase the comfort of your journey.
  • Charging option is available for each seat.
  • In all around the coach, many LED lights are there to indicate you about the services.
  • The fire extinguisher is also available in every coach of Mahamana Express.
  • The pantry car of this train is equipped with all modern items including chimneys.

22417 / 22418 Mahamana Express Train Timings:

22417 – Mahamana Express Train Timings: Mahamana Express leaves Varanasi on day – 01 at 18:35  and reaches New Delhi on day – 02 at 08:25 and It takes the duration of 13 hours and 50 minutes to reach from Varanasi to New Delhi.

22418 – Mahamana Express Train Timings: Mahamana Express leaves New Delhi on day – 01 at 18:35  and reaches Varanasi on day – 02 at 08:25 and It takes the duration of 13 hours and 50 minutes to reach from New Delhi to Varanasi.

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In a week, it operates only 3 times including days of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

New Delhi,  Lucknow, and Ghaziabad are some of the major railway stations which the Mahamana Express passes through

22417 / 22418 Mahamana Express Fare Details:

The average Mahamana Express fare of sleeper class (SL) is Rs. 480. The tickets of Second AC (SA) costs Rs. 1815 and for First AC (FA) the price is near about Rs. 3075. In case of tatkal, all the prices are costs more than the usual fare.

22417 – Mahamana Express from Varanasi to New Delhi, Time table, Schedule and Route

No. Station name (code) Arrives Departs Platform No.
1 Varanasi Junction (BSB) Starts 18:35 4
2 Jaunpur City (JOP) 19:39 19:41  –
3 Sultanpur (SLN) 21:15 21:18 3
4 Lucknow Nr (LKO) 23:50 23:58 1
5 Bareilly (BE) 03:19 03:22 2
6 04:55 05:00 5 5
7 Ghaziabad (GZB) 07:33 07:35 4
8 New Delhi (NDLS) 08:25 Ends 1,2

22418 – Mahamana Express from New Delhi to Varanasi, Time table, Schedule and Route

No. Station name (code) Arrives Departs Platform No.
1 New Delhi (NDLS) Starts 18:35 2
2 Ghaziabad (GZB) 19:13 19:15 1
3 Moradabad (MB) 21:35 21:40 3
4 Bareilly (BE) 23:25 23:28 1
5 Lucknow Nr (LKO) 03:10 03:20 2
6 Sultanpur (SLN) 05:37 05:40 2
7 Jaunpur City (JOP) 06:49 06:51 2
8 Varanasi Junction (BSB) 08:25 Ends 5,8


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