82356 / 82355 Suvidha Express

About Suvidha Express:

There is a fantastic service provided by the Ministry of Railways. Usually, in the summer season, the rush in the premium trains exceeds the limit. Just to manage the situation, the Railway ministry introduced this unique service for the common people last year. This service is mainly in use to replace the service of premium trains. But, there are some terms and conditions regarding the booking of the tickets for Suvidha express train routes. In these trains, the ministry will only provide RAC tickets. You can book the tickets one month before. In case of emergency, you have to book the tickets at least 10 days before.

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The cancellation facility available here on these trains:

In the typical situation, the tickets of Suvidha express can’t be cancelled. Only in some specific cases, the tickets can be cancelled. In case of e-tickets, the refund amount of money will be credited to the account of the passenger within a short period. There are specific procedures to cancel the tickets. You have to be very careful about the rules and regulations of the train to experience a hassle-free journey.

Food Facility in Suvidha Train:

The fare of Suvidha express is only for your comfortable journey. Meal facility is not mandatory in all Suvidha express. Some of the trains may provide the facility of food that is having pantry facility. You have to pay an additional cost to have the food service. All other facilities of this train are similar to some other trains.

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Some of the services provided by Suvidha train:

There are some unique features in Suvidha express train. They do not have any waiting list system. Fares of all are same. You’ll not get an extra discount according to the age. They will not grant any passes to the train for the discount. Except for the e-tickets, the other tickets can only be available in the PRS counters. After the completion of the booking, they will not allow any modification. The passengers must carry at least one identity card along with them while travelling on this train. The services of this train will only be decided by heads of the Zonal Railway. There is no different seat or class in this train.

Suvidha express fare:

The Suvidha express fare varies from train to train. The non-stop one with full AC costs the most. It is almost the same fare which you have to pay if you travel via Rajdhani. Another type of train is mixed with AC and non-AC coaches. Those trains cost like the fare of Duranto express. These trains are also not having any stop. The third category with stops costs less.

Suvidha express – 82356 / 82355

Suvidha express Train Numbers are  82355 and 82356: It travels between two cities of Mumbai and Patna at a distance of 1710 Kilo meters where Mumbai is located near Maharashtra and Patna is located near Bihar.

It is named as SUVIDHA EXPRESS and some of the major railway junction it passes through PATNA Junction, it starts on Tuesday and Friday in a week and starts at 6 stops.

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It is a Premium Express and it currently operating by East Central Railway Zone with a speed of 63 Kilometres per hour.

The ticket booking will starts from 120 days before and you should book in advance

82355 – Suvidha express, From Patna Junction to Mumbai, Time table, Schedule and Route

No. Station Name (code) Arrives Departs Departs
1 Patna Junction (PNBE)  Starts 13:00 4
2 Mughal Sarai Junction (MGS) 16:05 16:15 3
3 Chheoki Junction (Allahabad) (COI) 18:43 18:45
4 Satna Junction (STA) 21:45 21:55
5 Jabalpur Junction (JBP) 00:45 00:55 1
6 Bhusaval Junction (BSL) 08:55 09:00
7 Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CSTM) 16:05  Ends

82356 – Suvidha express, From Mumbai to Patna Junction, Time table, Schedule and Route

No. Station name (code) Arrives Departs Platform No.
1 Mumbai Cst (CSTM) Starts 11:05
2 Bhusaval Junction (BSL) 18:05 18:15
3 Jabalpur (JBP) 02:25 02:35 4,5
4  Cheoki (COI) 09:38 09:40
5 Mughal Sarai Junction (MGS) 12:15 12:25 2
6 Patna Junction (PNBE) 15:35 Ends 3

Suvidha express – 82355 / 82356 On – Board Services

Classes :

  • AC – 1 Tier
  • AC – 2 Tier
  • AC – 3 Tier
  • Sleeper – 3 Tier
  • Unreserved
Seating arrangements No
Sleeping arrangements Yes
Catering facilities Yes
Entertainment facilities No


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