12419 / 12420 Gomti Express

About Gomti Express:

Like most super fast express trains in India, Gomti Express is also a vital train connecting two major cities of North India, New Delhi, and Lucknow. This train is named after the river Gomti which flows through Lucknow. The central importance and attraction of this train are it reaches its destination on the same day. It covers the distance between New Delhi and Lucknow NR of about 513 km within 9 hours. Considering the congestion in the Lucknow-Agra-Delhi stretch of railway corridor this train provides relief and convenient mode transportation to people of Uttar Pradesh.

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Gomti Express also shares its rake with 14211/12 Agra Cantt, New Delhi Intercity Express. The reason this train is so famous is that of the availability of reserved tickets for Second Class seating even one to two days before the commencement of journey. No other train in this area is available with reserved tickets.

More Details about the Train:

As with the usual arrangement of coaches of superfast trains in India, Gomti Express also has an AC First cum AC 2 tier, 2 AC Chair Car, 15 Second Class seating and 2 SLR (seating cum luggage rake). The train usually does have a pantry car. The coach composition will be amended by railway authority depending on the demand among the passengers.

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Gomti Express speed is slightly more than average superfast express trains in India covering the 513 km distance with the average speed of 58 km/hr and it is a Super Fast train. The Gomti Express uses the older ICF rakes.

Route and Timings of the train:

Gomti Express route from Lucknow NR to New Delhi via Kanpur Central, Etawah, Tundla Jn., Aligarh Jn. is one of the fastest day routes in this section.

Gomti Express train number is 12419/20. This train is available all days in a week. The train starts its journey from Lucknow NR at 06:00 hrs IST and reaches New Delhi at 15:05 hrs IST of the same day. On the return journey, it departs from New Delhi at 12:25 hrs IST and arrives at Lucknow NR at 21:25 hrs IST also on the same day.

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The traveling facility and the availability of tickets even one or two days before the journey make Gomti Express a popular choice for people living in one of the most populated belts in the country, regardless of its shortcoming and frequent disruptive service.

12419 / 12420 Gomti Express Fare Details:

The average Gomti Express Fare of sleeper class (SA) is Rs. 135. The tickets of third AC (TA) costs Rs. 502, for second AC (SA) the price is near about Rs. 862, and for First AC (FA) the ticket price is Rs. 1434. for AC Chair Car is Rs. 502 . by paying Tatkal charges one can confirm their tickets as Tatkal facility is also available where one can get confirmed tickets,  in case of tatkal, all the prices are more than the usual fare. Gomti Express fare is similar to usual superfast fare in India with concessions being provided to senior citizens.

Gomti Express 12419 / 20 On – Board Services:

Classes AC 1st Class, AC 2 tier, AC Chair Car, 2nd Class seating, General, Unreserved
Seating arrangements Yes
Sleeping arrangements Yes
Catering facilities Yes
Observation facilities Rake Sharing with 14211- 14212 Agra Cantt New Delhi Intercity Express

12419 – Gomti Express, From Lucknow to New Delhi, Time table, Schedule and Route

Station Code Station Name Arrives Departs Plat Form No.
LKO Lucknow Charbagh NR  Starts 06:00 1
ON Unnao Junction 06:56 06:58 2
CNB Kanpur Central 07:35 07:40 7
PNK Panki 07:56 07:58 2
RURA Rura 08:22 08:24
JJK Jhinjhak 08:40 08:42 3
PHD Phaphund 09:04 09:06 1
ETW Etawah Junction 09:46 09:48 1
SKB Shikohabad Junction 10:24 10:26 3
FZD Firozabad 10:43 10:45 3
TDL Tundla Junction 11:18 11:21 2
HRS Hathras Junction 11:55 11:57 2
ALJN Aligarh Junction 12:21 12:23 4
KRJ Khurja Junction 12:53 12:55 2
GZB Ghaziabad Junction 14:12 14:14 3
NDLS New Delhi 15:05  Ends 6


12420 – Gomti Express, From New Delhi to Lucknow, Time table, Schedule and Route

Train Code Station Name Arrives Departs Plat From No.
NDLS New Delhi Starts 12:25 12
GZB Ghaziabad Junction 13:00 13:02 2
KRJ Khurja Junction 13:53 13:55 3
ALJN Aligarh Junction 14:50 14:53 2,3
HRS Hathras Junction 15:15 15:17 1
TDL Tundla Junction 16:05 16:08 3
FZD Firozabad 16:24 16:25 2
SKB Shikohabad Junction 16:43 16:44 2
ETW Etawah Junction 17:20 17:21 3
PHD Phaphund 18:01 18:03 2
JJK Jhinjhak 18:19 18:21 2
RURA Rura 18:38 18:40 2
PNK Panki 19:18 19:20 1
CNB Kanpur Central 19:50 19:55 1
ON Unnao Junction 20:17 20:19 1
LKO Lucknow Charbagh NR 21:25 Ends 1