12621/12622 Tamil Nadu Express

About the famous train of South India- Tamil Nadu Express:

Tamil Nadu Express is quite an old train which gives uninterrupted service to its passengers from the year 1976. This train was inaugurated by Smt. Indira Gandhi who was the Prime Minister of India that time. Earlier it runs only three days in a week. It was the first train which was named as per the name of the state. The service of the train was increased one more day in 1982 because of the smooth function during Asian Games. In 1988, it became the daily train to give the maximum service to the passengers. The Tamil Nadu Express Train number is 12621/12622 which indicates the superfast characteristics of the train.

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The list of the connecting cities in its journey:

Tamil Nadu Express covers a significant part of India in its journey. It connects many cities thus increasing the inter connectivity between the adjoining towns. The Tamil Nadu Express route starts from Chennai and ends at the capital city of our country, New Delhi. Some of the cities in the route of Tamil Nadu Express are Vijayawada, Ballarpur, Itarsi, Warangal, Nagpur, Bhopal, Jhansi, Gwalior station, Agra Cantt, etc. In its entire journey, it halts in 10 places. It doesn’t stop between Chennai to Vijayawada.

12621/12622 Tamil Nadu Express Speed:

This train runs almost 2184 km between the two cities which is a huge one. To cover this much distance, it takes near about 32 hours. It is only possible for a super fast Express train to cover the huge distance within such short period.

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The arrangements of rakes in Tamil Nadu Express:

The number of coaches depends upon the demand of the train. Tamil Nadu Express has a huge demand as it has 24 coaches. There are mainly 6 AC coaches which include AC 1st class, two tiers, and three tiers. Other than these, this train has two second-class coaches for the passengers who don’t have the reservation, 13 sleeper class coaches, two CBC coaches and one coach is reserved for the pantry.

Onboard facilities of the train:

All the coaches of the train Tamil Nadu Express are well maintained. The pantry of this train is ready to offer you healthy and tasty foods along with the catering facility to overcome the monotony of train journey. The food here is not at all spicy. Instant food is also available. In the AC coaches, you will get bed sheet, pillow, and blanket entirely for free of cost.

12621/12622 Tamil Nadu Express Fare Details:

Class 2A 3A SL 1A
Base Fare 2767 1867 730 4807
Reservation Charges 50 40 20 60
Superfast charges 45 45 30 75
Fuel Charges 0 0 0 0
GST 143 98 0 248
Other Charges 0 0 0 0
Catering Charges 0 0 0 0
Dynamic Fare 0 0 0 0
Total Fare 3005 2050 780 5190

12621 Tamil Nadu Express from Chennai to New Delhi, Time table, Schedule and Route

Train Code Station Name Arrives Departs PlatForm No.
MAS Chennai Central Starts 22:00 4,5
BZA Vijayawada Junction 04:10 04:20 6
WL Warangal 07:03 07:05 1
BPQ Balharshah Junction 11:00 11:10 3
NGP Nagpur Junction 14:10 14:20 1
TEO Teegaon 15:53 15:55
CCD Chichonda 16:18 16:20
ET Itarsi Junction 18:40 18:45 1
BPL Bhopal Junction 20:10 20:20 2
JHS Jhansi Junction 00:16 00:28 4
GWL Gwalior Junction 01:37 01:40 0
AGC Agra Cantt. 03:50 03:53 2
NZM Hazrat Nizamuddin 06:42 06:44 3,4
NDLS New Delhi 07:05  Ends 4

12622 Tamil Nadu Express from New Delhi to Chennai, Time table, Schedule and Route

Train Code Station Name Arrives Departs PlatForm No.
NDLS New Delhi Starts 22:30 3
AGC Agra Cantt. 01:00 01:03 1
GWL Gwalior Junction 02:32 02:35 1
JHS Jhansi Junction 03:58 04:10 2,3
BPL Bhopal Junction 07:50 08:00 1
ET Itarsi Junction 09:40 09:45 3
DHQ Dharakhoh 10:53 10:55 1
MJY Maramjhiri 11:15 11:17 1
NGP Nagpur Junction 14:00 14:10 2,3
BPQ Balharshah Junction 17:30 17:40 1
WL Warangal 20:48 20:50 1,2
BZA Vijayawada Junction 00:15 00:25 1
MAS Chennai Central 07:10  Ends 3,4