12759/12760 Charminar Express

About Charminar Express:

The popularity of Charminar Express is vast. The Charminar Express train number is 12759/12760. It is the most prestigious train in South India. The Charminar Express route is in between Chennai and Hyderabad. It runs daily between the two big metropolitan cities. This train has a huge craze among the passengers as it connects the two busy cities of South India and increases the interrelation between these two places.

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The significance of the name of the train:

Charminar, which is located in Hyderabad, is a historical monument. In the 15th century, Hyderabad was destroyed by Plague which turned into an Epidemic. After a long process of medication and different surveys, Hyderabad managed to remove it away. Charminar was built to emphasise this victory against the epidemic. It is a Signature building of Hyderabad, and thus Charminar Express was named to respect the monument.

The composition of the coaches and rakes:

Charminar Express has 24 coaches including 3 general coaches, 12 sleeper coaches, two 3rd AC coaches, four 2nd AC coaches, and one coach with the combination of 1AC and 2 AC. Only a few trains in India have GPS system along with CBC rakes. Charminar Express is one of them. It is also the first train of SCR which has 24 coaches.

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The states connected by this train:

The Charminar Express in its route joins almost 3 states which include Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and also the newest state Telangana. While covering these three states, it covers more than 790 km in its route. Charminar Express route includes 15 halts for the comfort of the passengers. It takes almost 14 hours to cover the total distance between Chennai and Hyderabad.

Some of the attracting on-board facilities of the train:

This train offers quick service. The Charminar Express train speed is 57 km/hr in an average. You are free to keep your baggage under the seat. The seats are very much comfortable. The large windows will help you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the route. Charminar Express has its own pantry car facility. You can order the meal as per your choice. The foods here are completely safe and healthy. All the AC coaches are ready with the pillow, bed sheets and blanket to give you the maximum comfort.

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12759/12760  Charminar Express Fare Information:

Class 1A 2A 3A SL
Base Fare 2465 1438 991 375
Reservation Charges 60 50 40 20
Super fast charges 75 45 45 30
Fuel Charges 0 0 0 0
GST 130 77 54 0
Other Charges 0 0 0 0
Catering Charges 0 0 0 0
Dynamic Fare 0 0 0 0
Total Fare 2730 1610 1130 425

12759 Charminar Express from Chennai to Hyderabad, Time table, Schedule and Route

Train Code Station Name Arrives Departs PlatForm No.
MAS Chennai Central Starts 18:10 4,5
SPE Sullurupeta 19:18 19:20 1
NYP Nayadupeta 19:43 19:45 1
GDR Gudur Junction 20:40 20:45 2
NLR Nellore 21:10 21:11 1
KVZ Kavali 21:48 21:49 3
OGL Ongole 22:42 22:43 1
CLX Chirala 23:18 23:19 3
TEL Tenali Junction 00:14 00:15 4
BZA Vijayawada Junction 01:10 01:20 10
KMT Khammam 02:28 02:30 0
DKJ Dornakal Junction 02:59 03:00 1
MABD Mahbubabad 03:19 03:20 0
WL Warangal 04:13 04:15 2
KZJ Kazipet Junction 04:40 04:42 2
SC Secunderabad Junction 07:15 07:20 7,8
HYB Hyderabad Deccan Nampally 08:00  Ends 5

12759 Charminar Express from Chennai to Hyderabad, Time table, Schedule and Route

Train Code Station Name Arrives Departs PlatForm No.
HYB Hyderabad Deccan Nampally Starts 18:30 6
SC Secunderabad Junction 18:50 18:55 1
KZJ Kazipet Junction 20:53 20:55 1
WL Warangal 21:08 21:10 1
MABD Mahbubabad 21:59 22:00 1
DKJ Dornakal Junction 22:28 22:29 2
KMT Khammam 22:46 22:48 1
BZA Vijayawada Junction 01:00 01:10 5
TEL Tenali Junction 01:37 01:38 3
CLX Chirala 02:20 02:21 2
OGL Ongole 03:04 03:05 0
KVZ Kavali 03:49 03:50 2
NLR Nellore 04:23 04:24 0
GDR Gudur Junction 05:38 05:40 1
NYP Nayadupeta 06:03 06:05 2
SPE Sullurupeta 06:23 06:25 2
MAS Chennai Central 08:15  Ends 5


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