12841/12842 Coromandel Express

About Coromandel Express:

Coromandel Express is a prestigious express train of Indian Railways. The Coromandel Express route starts from Howrah station and ends at Chennai station. This train runs daily. It is among the few super fast trains which began its journey long back. It runs through the east coast of our country. This east coast of the Bay of Bengal is known as the Coromandel Coast. The name of this train derives from that. The service of Coromandel Express comes under the section of South Eastern Railway. This train is the leading choice for the passengers who are going to Chennai. This train is available all the time, but you have to book the tickets at least two months earlier.


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The specific route of the train which connects different cities:

Coromandel Express has many stops on its route. It covers many places which include Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Brahmapur, Cuttack, Bhadrak, Balasore, Kharagpur and many more. It stops in almost 15 locations. Coromandel Express started its journey in March 1977. Since then this train is giving marvelous service to its passengers without any complaints. Coromandel Express Train Numbers is 12841 and 12842

In its journey, Coromandel Express passes over few important rivers of our country. Some of the rivers in the Coromandel Express route include Krishna while crossing Vijaywada, the Godavari while crossing Rajmundhry, Mahanadi and Kathjori in Cuttack, Subarnarekha in Balasore, Damodar in Bagnan, Rupnarayan near Kolaghat, etc. The list also includes Chilka Lake and the sea backwater of Chennai.

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The speed of the train:

Coromandel Express covers a long distance while traveling to Chennai from Howrah. The distance between these two cities is approximately 1661 km which the train covers in about 26 hours. It is only possible when the train has good speed. The Coromandel Express train speed is 120 km/hr which is the highest speed of the train. Usually, it runs at a speed of 65 km/hr.

The composition of coaches of the train:

This train runs daily from Howrah station. This train has a huge demand for tickets as it connects Eastern India with South India. Coromandel Express has 24 coaches which the famous trains have. Among the 24 coaches, 12 sleeper coaches are there along with 6 AC coaches, 3 coaches with general seating arrangements, 2 SLR coaches, and one pantry car. The pantry of Coromandel Express serves a variety of delicious foods to entertain you throughout your journey on this train. All the coaches are well maintained with all the essential facilities.

12841/12842 Coromandel Express Fare Information:

Class 1A 2A 3A SL
Base Fare 4041 2338 1586 615
Reservation Charges 60 50 40 20
Super fast charges 75 45 45 30
Fuel Charges 0 0 0 0
GST 209 122 84 0
Other Charges 0 0 0 0
Catering Charges 0 0 0 0
Dynamic Fare 0 0 0 0
Total Fare 4385 2555 1755 665

12841 Coromandel Express from Howrah to Chennai, Timetable, Schedule and Route

Train Code Station Name Arrives Departs PlatForm No.
HWH Howrah Junction Starts 14:50 22
KGP Kharagpur Junction 16:30 16:35 1,3
BLS Balasore 17:58 18:03 2
BHC Bhadrak 19:05 19:07 2
JJKR Jajpur Keonjhar Road 19:36 19:38
CTC Cuttack Junction 20:30 20:35 3
BBS Bhubaneswar 21:15 21:20 6
KUR Khurda Road Junction 21:55 22:10 3
BAM Brahmapur 23:50 23:52 2
VSKP Visakhapatnam Junction 04:00 04:20 1
RJY Rajahmundry 07:04 07:06 0
TDD Tadepalligudem 07:39 07:40 3
EE Eluru 08:14 08:15 0
BZA Vijayawada Junction 10:05 10:20 1
MAS Chennai Central 17:00  Ends 8

12842 Coromandel Express from Chennai to Howrah, Timetable, Schedule and Route

Train Code Station Name Arrives Departs PlatForm No.
MAS Chennai Central Starts 08:45 8,9
OGL Ongole 12:48 12:50 1
BZA Vijayawada Junction 15:10 15:25 1
EE Eluru 16:09 16:10 2
TDD Tadepalligudem 16:39 16:40 2
RJY Rajahmundry 17:25 17:30 3
VSKP Visakhapatnam Junction 21:50 22:10 1
BAM Brahmapur 01:55 01:57 1
KUR Khurda Road Junction 03:55 04:10 2
BBS Bhubaneswar 04:35 04:40 2
CTC Cuttack Junction 05:10 05:15 1,2
JJKR Jajpur Keonjhar Road 06:08 06:10 1
BHC Bhadrak 07:15 07:17 00:00
BLS Balasore 08:01 08:06 3
KGP Kharagpur Junction 09:40 09:50 5
SRC Santragachi Junction 11:12 11:13 4
HWH Howrah Junction 11:50  Ends 21,23

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