PNR Status Prediction

What is PNR Status?

PNR Status is the short form of ‘Passenger Name Record.’ It is a record that is maintained by the Indian Railways against which you can learn about your journey details. Whether you book your ticket for any Howrah to Digha train online or offline, you will be given a unique number of 10 digits. The same system applies in case of booking flight tickets as well. You can see this PNR number at the left corner of your ticket.

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What is PNR Status Prediction?

PNR status prediction means, being able to predict your chances of getting a confirmed ticket. This prediction is made with the help of machine learning techniques and data analytics. This prediction is made after analysing several essential factors such as station quotas, records of booking of tickets and their cancellation, holidays, seasonality and the particular day of the week. Now it is not only possible to stay updated about the PNR status of the ticket you have booked but also to be enlightened about PNR status prediction. If the chances of your ticket being confirmed are shown low in the PNR Status prediction, you can think of alternatives available.

The main reason behind the introduction of the PNR Status Prediction facility is to provide the passengers better and updated service. Passengers usually remain under a lot of stress when the ticket is on the waiting list. The uncertainty of the matter will be diminished with the help of the PNR status prediction regarding Secunderabad to Vijayawada train.

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What is the importance of PNR Status Prediction?

There are multiple benefits of knowing your PNR status and of PNR status prediction.

  • We can remain updated about the state of our ticket. It means that we can keep checking whether our ticket has become a RAC or is still on the waiting list.
  • The PNR status prediction will tell us whether there are chances of the ticket on the waiting list to be confirmed or not. In that case, the door is opened for availing other comfortable option.

How to make PNR Status Prediction?

In Meramaal, you can know about your PNR status prediction. Checking your PNR status prediction at Meramaal is effortless. The process is straightforward and not at all time-consuming. All you have to do is enter your PNR number, and you will get the detailed information about how far you are on the waiting list, along with the PNR status prediction.

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