About SpotUrTrain

It is very frustrating to wait for hours in the railway station in case the train gets delayed for a few hours. Waiting for long hours in the railway station is very annoying, particularly for small children. It is a matter of significant loss of time for those who are busy people. That is the reason why SpotUrTrain has been introduced, to save you from wasting your time in the railway station. Now, you’ll quickly get to know where your train is and when it’ll reach its destination.


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Let us explain this to you with the help of a simple example. Suppose you have booked a ticket for the Narayanadri Express that connects Secunderabad and the holy city of Tirupati. Assume that you have planned a trip to Tirupati with your family. The Narayanadri Express train number is 12733/12734. So, with SpotUrTraim you can keep track of the train. You can quickly check in case of train delay due to fog or any other reason. In that case, you can leave for the station a few hours later. In, short, you can set your time accordingly. Isn’t it amazing?

Advantages of SpotUrTrain

With SpotUrTrain you can now save your valuable time. Gone are the days when passengers were bound to wait in the railway waiting rooms for hours when the train is delayed for some reason. You will know at precisely what time you should reach the rail station. You can stay updated about any train in the Howrah to Digha route or Secunderabad to Vijayawada route by checking online. The train speed, train fare can also be tracked by sitting at home.

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Once you are on the train, you can calculate the time. You’ll find the name of the last station that the train cross with the help of SpotUrTrain was. You will know about which towns and cities the train will pass through. You can also check at which station the train will stop next.

How to make use of SpotUrTrain?

To track the Visakha Express or the Seshadri Express, you only need to have the SpotUrTrain app on your smartphone. This app can be installed on all Android phones. You can also access SpotUrTrain through Meramaal. You just have to enter the Visakha Express train number or the Seshadri Express train number and the date of your journey. Instantly, SpotUrTrain will allow you to trace where your train is and how much time it will take to reach the station. In this way, you can always know the exact status of any train.