Online ticket cancellation

Train ticket cancellation policy is the common question asked by most of the passengers. The rules of the refund policy, as well as IRCTC Cancellation Policy, have been changed a bit from the year 2015. Indian Railways notified the new rules through the Gazette Notification G.S.R. 836(E). This notification was published on 4th November 2015. The fares for cancelling the ticket solely depend on the time. IRCTC also gives the online ticket or e-ticket services.

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Online ticket cancellation

The passengers can cancel the e-Tickets or online tickets before the chart presentation of the concerned train. But passengers cannot cancel the ticket directly by going to the Railways Counter. If a train leaving time is at noon, then the passenger has to cancel the ticket 1 day before because the chart preparation will be done one night earlier. You have to log on to the official site of IRCTC which is and then click on the “Booked Tickets” link. After initiating the cancellation of the ticket, your refund will be given to your account. For partial cancellation of online tickets, don’t forget to take the e-reservation slip. It’s the same as the print out of the original ticket.

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How to cancel the e-tickets?

  • Regular users cannot cancel the e-tickets if the chart has already been prepared. In that case, the user has to utilize the TDR which is available online. If someone goes for the TDR according to the rules of the Indian Railways, he or she can track the refund case.
  • The TDR should be filled before four hours of the scheduled departure. The user will not get the refund if the reservation has already been confirmed or if it’s not canceled before the chart is prepared.
  • If someone is travelling with his or her family or friends and if some of them have confirmed the reservation and others are on the waiting list, online TDR should be filed by all passengers before thirty minutes of the departure.
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Other points which should be remembered

If someone cancels the confirmed ticket up to 2 days before the scheduled departure, he or she has to pay cancellation charges. The cancellation charges are as follows.

  • 240 should be paid for AC First Class.
  • 200 should be paid for AC 2 Tier.
  • 180 should be paid for AC 3 Tier.
  • 120 should be paid for Sleeper Class.
  • 60 should be paid for Second Class.

The e-ticket cancellation should be made through the Internet. The user would get the refund on that particular account from which he made the booking. The full return cannot be provided. The applicable fare will be deducted.

The passenger will get the full return if the journey doesn’t take place due to the train’s late running or if it takes over three hours times after the scheduled departure. The cancellation charges will not be deducted in that case.

The amount will be provided to the account of the user within three days if the train is late.

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