Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme 2017, Tamil Nadu

About Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme 2017 Tamil Nadu

Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme 2017 Tamil Nadu is a noble insurance scheme initiated and launched by the State Government of Tamil Nadu, associate with United India Insurance Company. The scheme includes undocumented orphans and migrant workers and now covers families about 1.57 crore.  Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme has enlarged its coverage and also involved 321 more medical procedures in the scheme.

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Along with UIIC (United India Insurance Company), the CM’s Comprehensive Health Scheme renewed on 10th Jan 2017. The Scheme also includes the coverage of congenital abnormalities along with more than 1,100 procedures of treatment.

New Health Insurance Scheme 2017 for Tamil Nadu Government Employees
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The Tamil Nadu Government renewed the contract for 4-year terms with Rs. 1.069 crores as Annual Premium Payment.

As per the details from the Preventive Medicine Department and Public Health, the state government is paying Rs. 699 per family on the basis, while earlier it was Rs. 497 in amount. The departments have the responsibility and duty in order to implement the CM Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme in Tamil Nadu properly.

Treatment Procedures under Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme:

Tamil Nadu State Health Insurance Scheme covers the treatments and procedures of the following lung and heart transplants, bone marrow transport, cochlear implant, radiation therapy and surgical oncology.

In India for the first time, it is the 1st scheme for morbidly obese in order to cover bariatric surgery. The detailed list of treatments and procedures covered under this scheme are given at

For Surgical Procedures under the scheme, the coverage amount has increased from Rs. 1.5 to Rs.2. 0 Lakhs. For Critical Illness, is the treatment or surgery exceeds the limit which insured, a corpus fund has to be set up by the government to pay for the treatment entirely.

Treatment Procedures under Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme
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It is the primary attempt of State Government of Tamil Nadu towards providing insurance for health to orphans and migrant workers. Due to the lack of the documentation, residence and address proof, this scheme was not benefiting the orphans and migrant workers for a long time.

People with the annual income of less than Rs. 72,000 are also eligible for the scheme. Detailed information and eligible criteria about Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance scheme are present at the official website

Helpline for CM Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme:

A twenty-four hour Call Centre has been provided at CMCHISTN Project Office with a toll-free helpline and also sufficient manpower. 1800 425 3993 is the Toll-Free Number.

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