Telangana Government Launches KG to PG Free Education scheme.

KG to PG Free Education scheme

In Telangana state has various institutes of universities along with primary schools and secondary schools. The Telangana Govt announced that going to launch the KG to PG education scheme for free of cost. Here, you can find the enormous number of private and public schools are there such as BSE, Telangana (Board of Secondary Education) or CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), IB, ICSE, IGCSE. Get more information about the KG to PG free education from here.

Telangana’s KG to PG Education

From the next academic year, The Government of Telangana launching the Free education from KG to PG under The Telangana Government Schemes. Telangana Deputy Chief Minister Kadiyam Srihari announced the scheme and he also holds the TS Education Portfolio. This scheme is majorly for the backward class people, who are struggling for the education. The poor students are depending on the Govt schools and hostels and colleges with lack of education, for those students Government of Telangana launching the Scheme for the quality of education.

Telangana CM KCR announced that the Scheme is for “Free with good quality of education”, The schools can be constructed for every constituency with all facilities like hostels, food and more. The scheme also provides the English medium schools for the poor students. The KG to PG Scheme is a compulsory Education scheme for people who struggling for the money to educate the children’s.

KG to PG Free and Compulsory Education Scheme:

The following are the main elements in the Scheme of KG to PG Education, get the full information of free education service in Telangana State.
1.   For Every Constituency in Telangana, there must be a School.
2.   KG to PG schools is with 15 acres of the area along with Hostel Facilities.
3.   Well Provided services with 54+ Crores.
4.   Up to 5th Class, the class teaching will be available in Telugu Medium and After 5th class, the teaching will available in the English Medium.
5.   From the next year onwards for 1st, 3rd, 7th, and 9th classes will be starting.
6.   For the next academic year also, the same classes will start.
7.   Primary school students 2 sections are available and for upper primary students, 3 sections are available.
8.   Each section, only 40 students permitted
9.   KG to PG is a co-education system but the hostel facility services separated
10. The Admission will take as a drop out system and for others can take if seats are available.
11. Who has the required qualification for the post, those can recruit directly and for qualified school teachers will take the training.
12. KGtoPG schools are recognized as “center for Excellency“.
13. In Hostels nutrition food will provides for students. Those who worked in social welfare and Gurukul hostels can appoint for KG to PG hostels.
14. For 10 Primary schools, 34 staff members recruited and for 12 staff members for Upper primary schools and 12 staff for high school level.
15. The students who completed their schooling will continue for Intermediate to Post graduation.
16. Get ready to take the admissions in KG to PF Free Education scheme. Because, where ever you go education is the pillar for your success and every person needs a compulsory education.
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