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About Train Enquiry

Waiting for a delayed train for long hours can be the most frustrating thing on this earth take help of Train enquiry. Waiting in the waiting room provided by the Indian Railways is exceptionally boring, especially for small children. It kills the enthusiasm of travelling for the time being, and we become exhausted for no reason. With the advancement of different technologies, now you can save your time and energy. You can now effortlessly track your train beforehand from your mobile phone to avoid wasting your precious hours in the rail station. So, now you can inquire about any train in the Katra to New Delhi route or in the Howrah to Digha route.

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Advantages of the Train Enquiry feature launched by the Indian Railways

  • Knowing the actual schedule of a train

If you want to know about the timing of any train like the Poorva Express or the Netravati Express, that can be done quickly without running to the railway station.

  • Checking the status of a running train

The most incredible thing is that the state of any moving train can be monitored. For example, the speed of Narayanadri Express is 59 km per hour. But if it’s delayed for a few hours due to fog or any other reason you can stay updated and reach the station accordingly.

Train enquiry
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PNR stands for ‘Passenger Name Record.’ It is a record that the Indian Railway maintains, based on which you can check all the details regarding your train ticket. If you purchase a ticket for a Secunderabad to Vijayawada train offline or online, in both cases a PNR number will be given to you. This PNR number is unique and will not match with the PNR number of any other customer. The moment you enter your PNR number for Godavari Express train number 12727, you can see for yourself how far you are on the waiting list. Now, with PNR status prediction, you can also know about the chances of your ticket being confirmed and then decide accordingly.

  • Checking current availability of train at any station

Availability of tickets, availability of trains for a particular route can also be checked now. You can quickly check the Charminar Express route and find out if it stops in your city or not.

  • Arrival and departure of the train at a station

Train Enquiry allows customers to check the departure and arrival times of trains like Coromandel Express or the Telangana Express at any station.

Railway enquiry number :139