12747/12748 Palnadu Express

About Palnadu Express

The Palnadu Express is an excellent South Indian super fast express train. It connects Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur to Telangana’s Vikarabad. The Palnadu Express train number when it runs from Guntur to Vikarabad is 12747. The Palnadu Express train number when it runs from Vikarabad to Guntur is 12748.

The Express train acquired its name from place Palnadu, which is situated in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur district. It transported passengers for the first time in the year 1998, on 16th August.  This train is administered by the Indian Railways’ South Central Railway Zone.

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The Palnadu Express train speed

The Palnadu Express speed is 57 km per hour or 35 miles per hour. This average speed has been calculated along with the time consumed while taking halts. The train covers a distance of 354 km and the average time taken to complete this distance is 6 hours and 15 minutes. It stops for 13 times in between its starting point and its final destination.

The Palnadu Express train route

The Palnadu Express route starts from Guntur and culminates at Vikarabad. The train passes through two states- Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The major stations where the train stops are Sattenapalle, Nadikudi Junction, Nalgonda, Piduguralla, Begumpet, Miryalaguda, Lingampally, and Secunderabad. The journey starts from Guntur rail station at 5:45 in the morning and on the same day you will reach Vikarabad at 12:10 p.m. From the Vikarabad rain station, this train commences its journey at 13:45 and arrives at the Guntur rail station at 8 p.m.

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Facilities provided by the Palnadu Express to its passengers

As the Express train  is not a night train and runs only for a few hours, sleeping facilities are not available on this train. Only the seating arrangement is available for passengers. But the coaches are standard. Catering services take care of the fact that the passengers get tasty and nutritious food. They take special care to keep the toilets and the compartments neat and tidy to give the passengers a hygienic environment.

Extra information for the convenience of the traveler

As Andhra Pradesh to Vikarabad is a busy route, the availability of tickets can be a problem. Just to avoid any inconvenience, it is smarter to book tickets beforehand. You can also consider purchasing your ticket for the Palnadu Express.

12747-12748 Palnadu Express Fare Information

Class 2S CC
Base Fare 120 424
Reservation Charges 15 40
Super fast charges 15 45
Fuel Charges 0 0
GST 0 26
Other Charges 0 0
Catering Charges 0 0
Dynamic Fare 0 0
Total Fare 150 535

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12747 Palnadu Express from Guntur to Vikarabad, Time table, Schedule and Route

Train Code Station Name Arrives Departs Platform No.
GNT Guntur Junction  Starts 05:45 3
SAP Sattenapalle 06:25 06:26 2
PGRL Piduguralla 06:55 06:56 1
NDKD Nadikude Junction 07:16 07:17
VNUP Vishnupuram 07:34 07:35 1
MRGA Miryalaguda 07:53 07:54 1
NLDA Nalgonda 08:23 08:24 1
CTYL Chityala 08:50 08:51 1
NRDP Nagireddipalli 09:24 09:25 1
Secunderabad Junction
10:35 10:45 6
BMT Begumpet 10:53 10:55 0
SNF Sanathnagar 11:00 11:01 2
LPI Lingampalli 11:20 11:21 0
SKP Shankarpalli 11:39 11:40 2
VKB Vikarabad Junction 12:10  Ends 3

12748 Express from Vikarabad to Guntur, Time table, Schedule and Route

Train Code Station Name Arrives Departs Platform No.
VKB Vikarabad Junction  Starts 13:45 3
SKP Shankarpalli 14:04 14:05 1
LPI Lingampalli 14:19 14:20 2
SNF Sanathnagar 14:32 14:33 1
BMT Begumpet 14:40 14:42 1
SC Secunderabad Junction 15:00 15:10 4
16:04 16:05 1
CTYL Chityala 16:26 16:27 1
NLDA Nalgonda 16:50 16:51
MRGA Miryalaguda 17:20 17:21 1
VNUP Vishnupuram 17:39 17:40 0
NDKD Nadikude Junction 18:00 18:01
PGRL Piduguralla 18:24 18:25 0
SAP Sattenapalle 18:55 18:56
GNT Guntur Junction 20:00  Ends 3

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