Jurala Dam – Gadwal

Priyadarshini Jurala Project also known as Jurala Dam is placed about 10 km distance from Kuravapur, Jogulamba Gadwal, Telangana State. In India water demand is much higher for various purposes. For the Agriculture usage water is a major demand. So Dams are the necessary thing for storage of water. While building the new dams have to rebuilt the old dams based on our requirement. Dams are major requirement for Hydro electric power systems.


In India, Big Dams are helping to growth the Economy. In Telangana state, Jurala Dam is the most Important dam. The Jurala Dam was completed in the year of 1995. On the Krishna River the Dam has been constructed. The Kuravpur Kshetra River is the major resource of Dam which merges in the Water of Jurala Project.

Jurala has 1045 ft level of Reservoir with 11.94 TMC of storage capacity. The Jurala was constructed near to the Atmakur Mandal, Nandi malla village. The Dam length is almost 1 km with the height of approx. 27.80 meters.

The water is supplied through the right & left canals and supplies water to 1000+ acres and also very useful for drinking and other usages.


Around the villages it said that for more than thousand acres the dam supplies water for various purposes (drinking and irrigational purposes) through the left and right canals. With the collaboration of Karnataka state electric power is generating through “Priyadarshini Jurala Hydro Electric Project“. This is one and only major project in Telangana state and it supplies the water for every year.

Major Features in Jurala Dam

  • Min. Draw Down Level – 314.86m
  • Gross Storage Capacity – 338.103189
  • Live Storage Capacity – 192.27
  • Design Flood – 35396.27
  • Spillway Ogee Type
  • Length of the Spillway – 927 m
  • No. of Spillway Gates – 62
  • Spillway Gates  size – 12 M x 8.516 M
  • Dam Length – 4534m
  • Reservoir level (full) – 318.52
  • Purpose of Dam – Irrigation, Multi purpose, Hydro electric

Detailed information on Jurala Dam

The Jurala Dam is located 60 km distance from the Mahabubnagar. Krishna River is entering into Telangana through this Jurala Dam and also having the Hydro electric project in the River. This is the first electric project in the Telangana.

Mr. Tanguturi Anjaiah is the main member to laid the foundation and he names Jurala Project as Priyadarshini Project. This place is a major tourist and attracting place in Maahabubnagar. In the Holiday season tourists can get visual feat i=on seeing this project.

Nearby Attracted Places

Tourists after visiting the Jurala Dam, they also visit these great attractive places.

  1. Deer park available at 1.5 km distance from the Project.
  2. Ramalayam Temple, located in Project colony.
  3. Parthasaradhi Temple
  4. Chintharevula Temple & Korakoda Gattu Temple.

Ways to Reach the Jurala Dam

By Bus:

  • To visit Jurala, while travelling from Tirupati to hyderabad get down at Yerravalli X road. From there you can find Peddapadu village buses or vehicles.
  • About 70 kms Distance from Mahabubnagar via Atmakur and from Raichur via Mannapur having the distance of 44 km.
  • You can find many private cars and vehicles from Gadwal to reach the Jurala Dam.

By Train:

  • Upto Gadwal station train facility is available from there you can reach through private vahicles to Jurala Destination.

By Flight:

  • Shamshabad is the nearest airport to reach the Jurala Dam. From there about 140 km distance to travel.

Accommodation service

You can get the accommodation service at Haritha Hotel at Gadwal RTO Office.

Haritha Hotel Contact Number: 9494421852

Jurala Dam Contact Numbers

Telangana Tourism Toll Free Number: 1800-425-46464.