12377/12378 Padatik Express


About Padatik Express

The Padatik Express is a super fast train that carries passengers from New Alipurduar to Sealdah. It is a daily train. The train started passengers for the first time in the year 2009, on 4th October.

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The Padatik Express train number when it travels from Sealdah to New Alipurduar is 12377. The Padatik Express train number is 12378 when it carries passengers from New Alipurduar to Sealdah. The Padatik Express runs on broad gauge.

The Padatik Express train route

The Padatik Express route is from Sealdah (SDAH) to New Alipurduar (NOQ). The total distance that the train covers from Sealdah to New Alipurduar is 450 miles or 720 km. The operator of the Padatik Express at present is the Eastern Railways.

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The Padatik express train speed

The Padatik Express speed is 60 km per hour or 37 miles per hour. It is the average speed of the train. Running at this speed, the average time that it takes is 9 hours and 54 minutes to reach from its starting point to its destination point.

Timings of the Padatik Express

The Padatik Express leaves the Sealdah Station (SDAH) at 22:55 and reaches New Jalpaiguri at 9:05 in the next morning. So, it is known to be a night train.

Important stations through which the Padatik Express passes

The Padatik Express stops 8 times in between its starting point and its destination. The 8 stations are Bardhaman Junction, Rampurhat Junction, Kishanganj, Mathabhanga, Malda Town, Bolpur Shantiniketan, New Jalpaiguri Junction and New Cooch Bihar.

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Facilities provided by the Padatik Express to its passengers

The Padatik Express provides its passengers with all necessary facilities. As it is a night train, there is a standard sleeping arrangement in the coaches. The toilets are kept spick and span. You will get fresh and nutritious veg meal in the Padatik Express. The food is provided to the passengers on time.

Additional Information for the convenience of the traveler

The Padatik Express is one of the busiest trains in the Sealdah to New Alipurduar route. So, the demand for the train is always high. If you want to avoid risk, it is advisable to plan your journey in advance. Booking tickets in advance will ensure that you get a confirmed ticket and do not remain on the waiting list. You can also purchase your ticket to Sealdah from New Alipurduar at Meramaal to ensure a hassle-free ticket booking experience.

12377 Padatik Express from Sealdah to New Alipurduar, Time table, Schedule and Route

Train Code Station Name Arrives Departs Platform No.
SDAH Sealdah  Starts 23:15 9B
BWN Barddhaman Junction 00:55 00:57 1
BHP Bolpur Shantiniketan 01:45 01:47 1
RPH Rampurhat Junction 02:49 02:54 2
MLDT Malda Town 05:40 05:45 4
KNE KishanGanj 07:48 07:50 1
NJP New Jalpaiguri Junction 09:15 09:30 1
MHBA Mathabhanga 11:05 11:07 1
NCB New Cooch Behar 11:40 11:42
NOQ New Alipurduar 12:10  Ends

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12378 Padatik Express from New Alipurduar to Sealdah, Time table, Schedule and Route

Train Code Station Name Arrives Departs Platform No.
NOQ New Alipurduar  Starts 17:45
NCB New Cooch Behar 18:05 18:07
MHBA Mathabhanga 18:40 18:42 1
NJP New Jalpaiguri Junction 20:45 21:00 1,1A
KNE KishanGanj 22:05 22:07 2
MLDT Malda Town 00:35 00:40 1,3
RPH Rampurhat Junction 02:57 03:02 1
BHP Bolpur Shantiniketan 03:50 03:52 2
BWN Barddhaman Junction 05:02 05:04 5
SDAH Sealdah 06:45  Ends 9B

12377/12378 Padatik Express Fare Information

Class 1A 2A 3A SL
Base Fare 1941 1143 791 300
Reservation Charges 60 50 40 20
Superfast charges 75 45 45 30
Fuel Charges 0 0 0 0
GST 104 62 44 0
Other Charges 0 0 0 0
Catering Charges 0 0 0 0
Dynamic Fare 0 0 0 0
Total Fare 2180 1300 920 350
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