12631/12632 Nellai Express

About Nellai Express

Nellai Express is an express (super fast) train that connects the two cities of Tirunelveli and Chennai, both of which lies in South India. The Nellai Express train number is 12632 when it carries passengers from Tirunelveli to Chennai.

The Nellai Express train number when it travels from Chennai to Tirunelveli is 12633. The train is a day train, and it travels to Chennai via Tiruchirapalli and also touches Madurai in its route. The Nellai Express is operated by the Southern Railway Zone.

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The Nellai Express is a very famous train introduced by the Southern Railways. It travels a distance of 647 kilometres or 404 miles.

12631/12632 Nellai Express Nellai Express train speed

The Nellai Express speed is 58 kilometres per hour. It is the average speed of the train. Running at this speed, the average time that the Nellai Express takes is 11 hours and 10 minutes to reach from its point of origin to its destination.

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12631/12632 Nellai Express Nellai Express train route

The Nellai Express route is from Tirunelveli Junction (TEN) to Chennai Egmore (MS) in Tamil Nadu. In between these two stations, the Nellai Express stops 13 times.

The stations where the train stops are Kovilpatti (CVP), Virudunagar Junction (VPT), Satur (SRT), Madurai Junction (MDU), Dindigul Junction (DG), Sholavandan (SDN). It also includes Tiruchirapalli (TJP), Villupuram Junction (VM), Vridhachalam Junction (VRI), Tindivanam (TMV), Chengalpattu (CGL), Melmaruvattur (MLMR), Tambaram (TBM) and Mambalam (MBM).

Facilities provided by the Nellai Express to its passengers

The Nellai Express gives its passengers all the necessary facilities that any good super fast train provides. It is a daily service train. So, you can travel on it any day.

Seating arrangements, as well as Couchette car sleeping arrangements, are available. All carriages have windows, and there are overhead racks for keeping baggage. The toilets are cleaned regularly. Your journey in the Nellai Express will be a memorable one.

Additional information for the convenience of the passengers

If you are thinking about travelling in this super fast train, it is advisable to plan your trip in a bit advance. The booking of tickets commences 120 days before the date of the journey.

As it is one of the busiest trains in the Chennai to Tirunelveli route, if you do not book your ticket early, there is a possibility that your ticket will not be confirmed. To avoid being on the waiting list, book your ticket 120 days before your journey date. You can also buy your ticket very easily from Meramaal and enjoy a hassle-free booking experience.

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12631 Nellai Express from Chennai to Tirunelveli, Time table, Schedule and Route

Train Code Station Name Arrives Departs Platform No.
MS Chennai Egmore  Starts 20:10 7
TBM Tambaram 20:38 20:40 8
CGL Chengalpattu Junction 21:08 21:10 6
MLMR Melmaruvathur 21:33 21:35 3
TMV Tindivanam 21:58 22:00 1
VM Villupuram Junction 22:40 22:45 5
VRI Vriddhachalam Junction 23:30 23:32 3
TPJ Tiruchchirappalli Junction 01:30 01:35 3
DG Dindigul Junction 02:48 02:50 3
SDN Sholavandan 03:18 03:19 1
MDU Madurai Junction 03:50 03:55 0
VPT Virudunagar Junction 04:33 04:35 2
SRT Satur 04:54 04:55 0
CVP Kovilpatti 05:16 05:17 1
TEN Tirunelveli Junction 07:10  Ends 1

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12632 Nellai Express from Tirunelveli to Chennai, Time table, Schedule and Route

Train Code Station Name Arrives Departs Platform No.
TEN TirunelveliJunction  Starts 19:45 1
CVP Kovilpatti 20:33 20:35 1
SRT Satur 20:54 20:55 1
VPT Virudunagar Junction 21:18 21:20 1
MDU Madurai Junction 22:10 22:15 1
SDN Sholavandan 22:29 22:30 2
DG Dindigul Junction 23:13 23:15 2
TPJ Tiruchchirappalli Junction 00:50 00:55 1
VRI Vriddhachalam Junction 02:38 02:40 3
VM Villupuram Junction 03:40 03:45 1
TMV Tindivanam 04:18 04:20 0
MLMR Melmaruvathur 04:43 04:45 2
CGL Chengalpattu Junction 05:18 05:20 0
TBM Tambaram 05:48 05:50 6
MBM Mambalam 06:08 06:10 3
MS Chennai Egmore 06:55  Ends 5

12631/12632 Nellai Express Fare Information

Class 2A 3A SL
Base Fare 1267 877 335
Reservation Charges 50 40 20
Super fast charges 45 45 30
Fuel Charges 0 0 0
GST 68 48 0
Other Charges 0 0 0
Catering Charges 0 0 0
Dynamic Fare 0 0 0
Total Fare 1430 1010 385
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